The Ghost lived in the house Esenin, people in panic: hell caught on video

Призрак поселился в доме Есенина, люди в панике: чертовщина попала на видео

Security cameras recorded a Ghost in Esenin-the centre in Moscow

About paranormal phenomenon said to themselves, the staff of the Museum. And as proof, show the video.

The devil in the house of the poet committed suicide, and they noticed for a long time, but tried not to pay attention.

By the way, a couple of years before the death of Sergei Esenin wrote his last major work – the poem “Black man”. It has here the following lines:

“The black man
On the bed sits down to me,
Black man
Will not let me sleep all night.”

Recently the inhabitants of one of the British settlements managed to witness a mystical event, which really scared them.

According to preliminary information, the incident took place in the County of Essex. It was established that on your camera phone managed to capture a video in which wandering Ghost in the administrative unit in Stansted.

It should be noted that this phantom can be the embodiment of the hero, which is described in local legends. One legend has it that a couple of decades ago one guy decided to take a short cut to get to the desired point. However, he made his way through the bushes, he landed in a deadly incident with a train.

Призрак поселился в доме Есенина, люди в панике: чертовщина попала на видео

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Some time later, when the frightened driver called law enforcement officers at the scene, the body of a young man seemed to evaporate into the air.

According to one version, the body fell in the nearby river. It this way we can explain why the representative of the other world so often seen near the local pond. In the published video are clearly visible head and shoulders of the Ghost. With increasing extension, you can also see the outlines of the bare skull with the eye sockets.

Recall that the Ghost is terrifying the owner of the car in the Parking lot.

We also reported that a creepy Ghost child, the terror of the landlord.

Even politeka wrote, it became known that is wrong with the people who have seen ghosts.