The gateway project for cycling above 410 is compromised

1218908(SHERBROOKE) The bridge for cyclists provided along the boulevard and Portland before stepping over Highway 410, whose construction was planned this summer, may never see the day. The cost of the work, especially related to the monitoring of the site, is higher than expected.

The City of Sherbrooke is working to find a solution for creating a bikeway link there.

In Scrum Monday morning, the director of the department of urban infrastructure in the City of Sherbrooke, Caroline Gravel, confirmed that discussions were still ongoing with the Department of Transport (MTQ).

“The gateway or link that will be done is still to be determined. We are in discussions with the MTQ. The MOU is not signed. We are in the process to advance this, “she began.

The city had received a grant of $ 710,000 from Veloce II program of the Government of Quebec for the completion of the bridge.

“We did extend the grant until next year for not lose. We went out to tender with the MTQ and the costs are much higher than what we had expected. The ways of the MTQ, with full-time monitoring, cost more than expected. The types of work to be done by entrepreneurs are more special because we cling to an existing viaduct. It’s been underestimated by the MTQ. ”

Without wishing to clarify the importance of the difference in costs between the initial project and the results of the tender, Caroline Gravel mentions that it is sufficient for the City is questioned.

“The project as originally thought is questioned. We are working on options for using existing infrastructure. All this is under discussion. Before going further, I would like to see if we can make the bridge as planned. If the project changes, we will present to you. ”

The grant of the Veloce II program is strictly related to the bike path on Boulevard de Portland. To receive the funds, it will therefore carry out a project at that location.

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