“The future…”: mark Zuckerberg shocked by the changes in Facebook

«Будущее за…»: Марк Цукерберг шокировал изменениями в Facebook

The founder of the famous social network Facebook intends to thoroughly “shake up” familiar to all users news feed

Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network will be globally updated to force users Facebook to personally communicate with each other.

“At a time when the world is becoming more and more connected, we need the sense of intimacy more than ever,” said Zuckerberg at the F8 conference in the us city of San Jose, writes Deutsche Welle.

«Будущее за…»: Марк Цукерберг шокировал изменениями в Facebook

He believes that “the future of privacy”.

According to the founder of Facebook the main focus of the developers make on the communities they intend to make as relevant to users as their “friends.” This will be achieved by reducing the tape and draw attention to the messaging, watching videos, and the increase in online trading platforms.

Zuckerberg said that the company is now working to the Messenger app to make it even faster. He also noted the importance of “stories” and small groups, which actively communicate with the users of the network.

During the conference it was also announced that developers of Facebook pay great attention to ensure that the business could as quickly as possible to establish online communication with potential customers in the Messenger, and Instagram, for example, quickly book an appointment or buy any goods directly.

However, it remained unclear what to do to the users that was interesting news, what will happen to the “prendimi”, and leave those who are not interested “only private conversations”.

As previously reported, Zuckerberg unveiled the new design of the website Facebook.

It is known that the founder of the social network showed how it will look in social network and application at the annual conference for developers of F8.

«Будущее за…»: Марк Цукерберг шокировал изменениями в Facebook

In the new version the main focus with news feeds will be shifted by the storis, community, and events. Facebook will also significantly processed color component: the color blue in the design will be much less and white more.

Android app and iOS updates will appear immediately, the web version will be updated in the coming months

Recall that the social network Facebook there are new opportunities.

As reported Politeka, in Facebook and Instagram has been the most powerful in the history of crashing.

Also Politeka wrote that the most developed social network in the world Facebook today issued a failure throughout Europe.