The full moon on 24 October: time, prenesi a lot of emotions

There are changes that the world needs and there are changes that you need!

Повня 24 жовтня: час, який пренесе багато емоцій

There is a belief that the full moon has a common reinforcing effect on our life and the new Moon is a time for new beginnings, informs Rus.Media.

While there is some truth to that, it might be not always thus. The full moon, which will be held on 24 of this month, has a special name – it is called the full Moon of the hunter.

The secrets of names

You may be interested to know why such a name, so let us quench your thirst right now.

The origins of the name can be traced from native Americans, which gave it this name because this particular fullness was a token for them that the time has come to hunt, because winter is coming.

The value of human life

Now that you know this, you may wonder why it is important for us, we’re not hunters.

A full month will bring a lot of emotions and even things you might think has remained in the past, but honestly, the feelings that you need to feel to grow as a person and truly understand yourself.

Another important feature of this is that it will be in Taurus, the most stable and balanced character and it is definitely good news. This means that, despite the fact that there will be many feelings, you will have some control over them and will know how to handle everything.

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