The founder of a large Empire dealing crack, then disappeared in the airport Boryspil: what is known

Основатель крупной наркоимперии исчез в аэропорту Борисполя: что известно

Kiev police are allowed to “escape” a major international drug Lord

Reports a press about it-service SBU.

“The security service of Ukraine is conducting an internal investigation into the escape from the building of the international airport “Borispol” the citizen of Israel, Amos Dov silver during extradition procedures. Officers who were responsible for the implementation of these measures, discharge from performance of official duties at the time of inspection. Representatives of the security service who were directly involved in the extradition procedure, now provide explanations to Management of internal security of security service of Ukraine”, — stated in the message.

Основатель крупной наркоимперии исчез в аэропорту Борисполя: что известно

As you know, the drug Lord was taken to Kiev airport “Borispol” from the Supreme court of Ukraine to extradite to Israel. Themselves representatives of the Israeli side was not there.

Before leaving the police withdrew Amos Dov silver electronic bracelet so he went to duty-free. It was there that the man was gone. At the same time the State border guard service deny this information.

“At the passport control of this person was not. Network of Duty Free shops located beyond the passport control line. In a moment the face disappeared from Boryspil airport, the border is unknown”, — stated in the message.

According to the speaker of the Ministry Andrei Demchenko, border control silver is not passed. Now law enforcement officers do not know where to be a man.

The wife of the silver claims not to believe in the version of the flight of her husband and concerned about his current situation.

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In early April, the 39-year-old attacker and his leadership was wanted on suspicion of organizing the production and marketing of precursors in especially large sizes.

Основатель крупной наркоимперии исчез в аэропорту Борисполя: что известно

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