The former Spice girl has finally “tied” his daughter and ex-husband

Бывшая «Перчинка» наконец-то «поделила» дочку с экс-супругом

43-year-old Melanie brown told fans the happy news: she finally got Stephen Belafonte divorce. But most of all the ex-soloist of the group Spice Girls is happy because she was able to “share” with her ex-husband custody of six-year-old Madison. Divorce brown Belafonte was extremely scandalous. He began in the beginning of 2017, and all this time they both continuously publicly “curse” each other. The singer has accused her husband of beating and marital infidelity, and he abuses alcohol and drugs. It came to the point that both received an injunction not to approach your partner closer than 180 meters!

As a result of long and painful negotiations, the former couple still managed to come to an agreement. If before both Melanie and Stephen, demanded sole custody, now they somehow managed to agree on joint education of girls. However, the judge insisted that they keep their personal contacts to the minimum in order to avoid new incidents. Now brown and Belafonte will be seeing each other at PTA meetings, school holidays and other events where it is desirable the presence of both parents. In addition, Melanie and Stephen, were strictly forbidden to criticize each other in front of the baby.

There are in this “barrel of honey” and a drop of tar. Again for the right to freely dispose of their life Mel b had to pay. She was ordered to cover all court costs in the amount of 350 thousand dollars. In addition, she now owes each month to transfer to my ex-husband for 5 thousand dollars for the maintenance and upbringing of their daughter.

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