The former leader of the militants complained of APU: “I continue to mow”

Экс-главарь боевиков пожаловался на ВСУ: «продолжают выкашивать»

The former leader of the militants “DNR” Igor Girkin, aka Strelkov, admitted that the APU good “appetite”

Terrorist also added that the infantry fighters on the position – “less than nothing”.

Complaints Girkin noticed in the network APU officer Anatoly Stefan (Stirlitz). He published a confession of the terrorist on his page on Facebook, noting that nagging Girkin-strelkov “nice to read”.

Экс-главарь боевиков пожаловался на ВСУ: «продолжают выкашивать»

“What a pleasure to read Girkin (strelkov). Division of Irlandii bear substantial losses. The positions of almost no one, has “ideological” is almost over, and those that are, mow. Believe in warriors! Believe in the armed forces of Ukraine!” – written by a Ukrainian soldier.

As for Girkin, he frankly admitted that on Donbass fighters are “sensory loss”. And APU is actively promoted which “gray area” anymore – Mat her “ate”.

Girkin also said that the Ukrainian troops “without any hesitation apply the heavy field artillery”. He added that all this happened because of the Minsk agreements.

The former leader of the militants said,the Hours you wish to be under heavy artillery fire, the Ukrainians little. And those militants who still have positions, “continue to mow”.

As previously reported, another former leader of the group fighters “DNR” Alexander Khodakovsky complained about the noticeable advantage of the Ukrainian army in military power.

His complaint, he shared on the page in social network Vkontakte.

“Apparently, rich lives Ukraine – in the window embrasures flew a guided missile. Nobody has suffered, destructions are almost no – only sediment in the form of professional jealousy,” wrote the film.

According to the terrorist, “Dnrovtsam” you have to sleep in the arms of the “untouchable reserve” and to try to avoid wasting ammunition.

“If things continue to go – that will kill us slowly, and no one will even NZ in the course of start. Javelin we don’t need we and that’s easier sad to drive can. Let alone”, – he complained.

Экс-главарь боевиков пожаловался на ВСУ: «продолжают выкашивать»

Also we will add that earlier, the same Igor Girkin auctioned memorial gold medal “For returning of Crimea” issued to him by the Russian authorities in 2014.

The terrorist confessed that he was having money problems, so he decided to sell the medal.

Recall that the terrorist Girkin blabbed about the twins Putin: “at least three of them”.

As reported Politeka, Girkin leaked sensational plans to seize Ukraine: “the next city”.

Also Politeka wrote that Girkin rebelled against the Kremlin and severely humiliated Putin: behind women and children.