The former head of the national Commission announced the cooperation to the NAB and Kolomoisky

Экс-глава НКРЭКУ заявил о сотрудничестве НАБУ и Коломойского

NABOO is acting in the interests of Igor Kolomoisky to fabricate a case according to the “Rotterdam +”, from the introduction which the oligarch has lost billions, and turning a blind eye to his scheme in PJSC “Centrenergo”

This was written by a former Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of energy and communal services Dmitry Vovk on his page in Facebook, transfer Ukrainian news.

“Continuing overt cooperation NABOO and Kolomoisky. It manifested itself in rapid recognition by NABS victims “Rotterdam+” another activist of the group “Privat” with Dnipro, which specialized in the criticism of the mayor Filatov and lighting betting with the construction of the bridge. This is done to disguise unproven criminal proceedings. And even earlier, the NAB had already been promoting Kolomoisky due to reclamation from state-owned PrivatBank sensitive legal materials for submission to foreign courts — is Unlikely to strengthen the position of the state…,” wrote Wolf.

The former head of NCACO noted that at the same time, the police do not pay attention to the criminal scheme, built Kolomoisky in state company “Centrenergo”, which buys coal from companies associated with the oligarch, overpriced, more expensive than the formula “Rotterdam”, and sells electricity to companies of the group “Privat” at reduced rates. Harms the state.

“Centrenergo” under the direction of management Kolomoisky “disgust”, but buys coal at the price of more expensive “Rotterdam” in companies affiliated with Kolomoisky, but sells to the prejudice of the state for the benefit of industrial enterprises “Private”, — said Vovk.

Earlier, the former head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk said that the businessman Igor Kolomoysky during the period of transparent pricing for electricity has lost a significant portion of the profits from energy-intensive Ferroalloy enterprises, therefore, now takes revenge on those who introduced the formula of “Rotterdam+”.

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A number of experts expressed the view that Kolomoisky has built a criminal scheme in PJSC “Centrenergo” and earns, disease in state-owned companies. And the political scientist Peter oleschuk invited MPs to create in the Verkhovna Rada temporary investigative Commission to investigate the scandal of the state company “Centrenergo”. In his opinion, this scandal casts a shadow on the representatives of the new government, to which Igor Kolomoisky close.

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