The food retailer sold Dube Loiselle

distributeur-alimentaire-dube-loiselle-passeThe food retailer Dube Loiselle passed into the hands of the businessman Robert J. Briscoe, well-known figure from the world of distribution. The new owner was visiting the headquarters of Granby, Monday morning. He visited three three distribution centers and meets the 160 employees who keep their jobs.

“They (employees) were reassured to know that the entire leadership remained in place. This is not bought by someone who wants to move everything, “said Gaétan Brunelle, Vice President of Sales and corporate purchases.

Besides the new name at the head of Dube Loiselle, the company structure remains in fact unchanged. The head office is maintained in Granby and management will continue to be provided by Daniel Lachapelle for president Gaétan Brunelle and the vice-chair. “It keeps the same features, the same positions, the same office,” confirms Mr. Brunelle.

Business opportunity

Announced Monday the transaction was effected on 8 July. “You never know what life brings us. that occasion was seized, it was not planned, “revealed Gaetan Brunelle. The vice president has been miserly comments about the reasons that led to the sale of the company.

“We found a buyer who will respect the same innovative vision we had of the company” did it merely to mention, adding that the purchase proposal came from Robert J. Briscoe. Dubé Loiselle knows no financial worries, said Mr. Brunelle, even adding that business is going “very well” for the food retailer.

“Sometimes it takes over the reins at the right time and watch it grow what we have built,” for its part, indicated in a statement the president of the Quebec company, Daniel Lachapelle.

The transaction amount was not disclosed.

New owner

Robert J. Briscoe work in the field of food distribution for ages. “For 24 years, he had the same power in the company to ours,” says Gaétan Brunelle.

The company in question, Alimplus, was founded in 1990. Mr. Briscoe had then bought Dellixo the Estrie division in Ange-Gardien and expanded its distribution network a few years later by adding the greater Montreal area served. After the sale of Alimplus in 2014, the businessman wanted to re-enter the food area. “I am food chemistry, microbiology is in my training,” he says.

He is also the president of Macco Organics, a company that manufactures food preservatives and pharmaceuticals.

His expertise will be used to grow Dubé Loiselle. “We worked it (growth), but there is a person of experience in our field. We’ll take his knowledge with us. The growth is the objective, “says Gaétan Brunelle.

Montreal in the crosshairs

Put more emphasis on the Montreal area is also part of the plans. Mr. Briscoe is very familiar with the territory, which it has acquired a warehouse at Anjou when he was the president of Alimplus.

“I am satisfied with the company as it is very well managed,” says the entrepreneur, who also sees more development opportunities. His first action as the new owner will revise the sales structure. Mr. Briscoe also confirmed that new sellers will be incurred.

As it has a country house in Knowlton, Robert J. Briscoe is located in the area all weekend. It will be in Granby “occasionally” as part of his new duties.

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