The “folk not soft” Eric Gagne

eric-gagne-pas-apparu-regionTen years after giving his last performance in the area at the time of the group’s Dilemma, Eric Gagne returns with a solo project he shares June 4 at 22h, during a trip to the bar Pitons Chicoutimi. The focus will be on the compositions listed on both EP launched in 2014 and 2015.

“I made my music college in Alma, but it’s a piece that I have not played at home. I feel lucky because I have friends who have given a helping hand to make it work, “said the artist from Cacouna, just a few days, during a telephone interview with Daily.

Dilemma rolled his hump for 15 years before closing the books. Now living in Montreal, Eric Gagne put his career on hold until he met the guitarist Denis Ferland, another veteran of the college. Their meeting led to the creation of the first EP, Troubled Water, which has pulled the clip titled Ask me then.

They were at it again last year and this is the sum of these 11 rooms, and a handful of new songs, which will furnish the show. Four musicians will be mobilized, including Samuel Bolduc on drums. For this son of Chicoutimi (and Guy, the singer died in Lac-Mégantic), one can also talk of reunion.

“In musical terms, I describe my music as folk’s not soft. It was a “background” rock and that’s why I have a drummer and a harmonica. We work together for 18 months and today we form a true “band”, “reports Eric Gagne.

Sign that his solo project generates interest, several shows are on its agenda, including one to be held on September 17 at Salle Claude-Leveillee of Place des Arts. “The basis of what we do, it’s fun. For cons, I think more and more to make a career “suggests the singer.

Autumn also bring the studio, this time to record a full album. The tone will be more energetic, that will show the new parts to be delivered to bar Pitons. “My introspective passes increased,” confirms Eric Gagne.

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