The “flaming torch from heaven”: at Moscow exploded CHP, firefighters powerless

"Огненный факел до небес": под Москвой взорвалась ТЭЦ, пожарные бессильны

A massive fire broke out at the CHP in Russia. Network publish footage of the fire literally goes post

Thursday, July 11, in Mytishchi near Moscow caught fire North CHP. This is reported by Rossm. According to preliminary data, the fire began with the ignition of the fuel tanks.

“The incident happened at CHP-27 (North CHP), located in the village Chelobitevo municipal district of Mytischi, Moscow region. On the scene sent a large number of units of the emergencies Ministry. Is dense black smoke,” according to local rescuers.

Media reported that according to preliminary data, the cause of the fire could be an explosion.

"Огненный факел до небес": под Москвой взорвалась ТЭЦ, пожарные бессильны

"Огненный факел до небес": под Москвой взорвалась ТЭЦ, пожарные бессильны

Now at the scene formed a huge column of fire with a height of about 50 m, which is visible from many parts of Moscow.

To fire concentrated forces of the emergencies Ministry, the Moscow Department of the Ministry checks the information about the burning torch with a height of 50 m.

"Огненный факел до небес": под Москвой взорвалась ТЭЦ, пожарные бессильны

"Огненный факел до небес": под Москвой взорвалась ТЭЦ, пожарные бессильны

According to the latest data, now in the CHP station burns high-pressure. Firefighters can’t come close. To determine the area of the fire also is not possible. The third level of complexity.

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We will remind, earlier it was reported that a train with passengers had begun to burn while driving. Passengers remained nothing how to start to extinguish the fire yourself.

In the Lviv region near the station Pidmonastyr caught fire on a passenger train. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the passenger train Alexander Kirilenko. He noted that the engine suddenly caught fire and the squad immediately stopped.

Passengers, assessing the scale of the disaster, started to save the train yourself.

“The fire extinguishers didn’t help, so we reached out to the nearest pond to get water and put out the fire with buckets. The men left the wagons, ran local with buckets, all were in several rows and jointly tried to extinguish the fire. But the smoke did not stop the blame, and showed the flames” – wrote in social networks Alexander Kirilenko.

We will remind, explosion has thundered in a residential building in Moscow: all fire, people quickly evacuated.

As reported Politeka, Russia on fire: “the element destroys everything in its way, firefighters can not cope”.

Also Politeka wrote that in the courtyard of the building of the Kharkiv broke out powerful fire.