The five most common causes of car fire

Each time you buy a brand new car, check it for serviceability. It affects your safety.

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It would seem that over the years the automotive industry could be considered the main causes of vehicle fires and solve this problem. But the underlying causes remain unchanged, informs Rus.Media.

Structural weaknesses

Surprisingly, but now designers make a lot of mistakes, exposing their customers to risk burn in the purchased car. And these situations are not uncommon. Basically, errors noticed and the model marriage withdraw for refitting. Firms are losing a lot of money. So I suggest, each time you buy a brand new car, check it for serviceability. It affects your safety.

Errors when washing the motor

Common cause – ignition system gives a spark because of moisture. As a result, fuel may accumulate in the catalytic neutraler. This happens due to the fact that motorists wash the engine a strong stream of water without the protection of auto electricians.

The release of hydrogen battery

Battery can select when charging and primaryand flammable hydrogen, which can cause an explosion. Therefore, near the battery you can’t smoke and generally avoid sparks.

Transfusion the fuel tank to the brim

If you fill the fuel tank with more fuel than provided by the manufacturer, the fuel can expand in the heat and overflow. In the end, enough careless spark to a car on fire.

Short circuit

Often occurs when owner puts a blown fuse is more powerful, the protection system does not work and the wiring begins to melt. As a result, there is a high risk of ignition of the car.

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