The first wind farm in the MRC des Basques

1219002(Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux) After deforestation and construction of roads, the first wind turbines will soon be built in the heart of what will become the wind farm Nicolas-Riou, the first to be built in the MRC des Basques, the Netherlands -Saint Laurent. “It will be the largest community wind farm in equal partnerships in Canada,” proudly stated the president of the Park Board, Michel Lagace.

Built at a cost of $ 500 million, its installed capacity of 224.25 MW. This energy is generated by 65 wind turbines of 3.45 MW each. “It’ll be the biggest turbines in Quebec, says Lagacé. We talk towers 116.5 meters. So it will be the tallest towers in Quebec. “Six wind turbines will be erected in the Rimouski-Neigette, while the other 59 will be in the MRC des Basques, mostly in the unorganized territory of Lac-Boisbouscache.

When built, the peak period is planned for next year is estimated at 400 the number of workers who will be active on the vast site. Moreover, on Wednesday in Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux, nearly 150 workers and suppliers came to meet the different partners involved in the project in order to offer their services. “It’s a success, welcomes Michel Lagacé. It was expected to have about 75 people. Seeing almost double, I think it reflects the importance of this park then in the economic life of the territory of both MRC and Bas-Saint-Laurent! “After its commissioning scheduled for December 1, 2017 the park will have about ten employees who will work in operations and maintenance.

The park will be owned equally by the private partner EDF and public partners. Among them, there are Wind Power Bas-Saint-Laurent, composed of eight MRCs in the region and Maliseet First Nation of Viger. “It means a lot to us because it is our ancestral territory, informed the adviser head of the Maliseet First Nation of Viger, Claude Briere. These are a lot of economic benefits for the next 25 years. It’ll be about $ 1.1 million per year. It is profitable! ”

Started there four weeks, the deforestation of the territory, carried out by the Groupement forestier de Témiscouata East Lake, is nearly complete. It is now the turn of the general contractor to take possession of the site. For Borea, it is now that the work begins. “Stripping of roads has begun,” said Superintendent of the yard in Borea, Remi Tremblay. Man has erected 529 towers to his credit on the 1800 mounted by the company. So far, Borea has participated in the construction of almost 50 wind farms in Canada.

For the general contractor, one of the biggest challenges in building the Nicolas-Riou wind farm is environmentally. “You meet 112 wetlands in our 87 km of roads,” says construction manager for Eastern Canada at Borea, Dany Leblanc. As there are usually life in a wetland, the contractor must take special precautions to avoid destroying these habitats. “We try to work around, says Leblanc. There are countervailing measures or protection. It’s very elaborate and complex. ”

Three environmental specialists ensure grain during construction. “We have excavators that use organic oils, specifies Mr. Tremblay. We need to reduce environmental risks. ”

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