“The first time I…”: Grosu gave secrets of family life

«Я впервые…»: Гросу выдала тайны семейной жизни

Alina Grosu, who recently got married, began to talk about the faults of your spouse

Ukrainian singer, who went to study and build a career in Russia, in a rather Frank interview given family secrets.

24-year-old actress said that her lover is called Alexander. The young people were familiar with each other a few years, friends, “and then looked at each other another look… and everything,” the newspaper writes WMJ.

«Я впервые…»: Гросу выдала тайны семейной жизни

“And here we are together as a couple for four years, as are the stamps in your passport within a week”, – said the unseen Alina.

She admitted that when we first met with her future husband thought he was a very smart guy, but boring and her with him on the way. “I never wanted a husband,” said the singer.

Then the girl recognized he was wrong: “Sashka really a very wise and intelligent young man, but also a sense of humour at the highest level. Very interesting to us together.”

My husband believes it is a leader. Trust him in everything. And, despite the fact that it has a fighting nature, trying to be more flexible in the family.

Alina said that was very nervous and worried when I introduced my fiance with his parents.

Said the singer about the shortcomings of your beloved. “Always forgets to wash the dishes, clean and so on. Well, he is the man to take with him, but he is gorgeous” – shared Grosu.

As previously reported, Katy Perry continues to amaze subscribers on his page for new photos and videos. So, the singer, who became famous as a child, stunned his fans with another bright photo.

Alina showed a tender photo with the groom. Singer, as you know, shows a young man and moreover does not disclose his identity. This time Grosu, without embarrassment, showed their love and gave kisses from loved ones.

«Я впервые…»: Гросу выдала тайны семейной жизни

We also wrote that she boasted to fans of the bachelorette, which is obviously staged immediately after the engagement with her lover, and also boasted a ring, which she presented to the groom.

Recall that explicit photos Grosu shook the network.

As reported Politeka, Alina has long been “don’t bee”.

Also Politeka were told that Katy Perry Breasts showed through the open neckline.