The first phone call AMAZING that Donald Trump has spent François Hollande revealed – Here

On November 11, 2016, three days after his election to the White House, Donald Trump spent his first phone call to his French counterpart. A certain François Hollande, who will long be remembered of this conversation is preposterous.

8 last November, it was almost a year to the day, America toppled, putting Donald Trump in his head. A coup de théâtre which had not escaped Hollywood. On social networks, many stars do not hide their grief following the election of the president orange. Chris Evans (the actor who, ironically, interpreter and Captain America at the cinema) stated : “It is a night embarrassing for America. We left a propagator of hatred lead our great nation. We have left our future in the hands of a tyrant. I am devastated. “

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The same state of shock on the French side. In his book about his few years at the Elysée, Gaspard Gantzer, communications adviser of the predecessor ofEmmanuel Macron, says the first phone call from Donald Trump to president François Hollande. An extract called to become worship from “politics is a combat sport” that the Obs was released yesterday. After a few pleasantries of uses of the type “I love France, I love your wine […]” the darling Melania there goes franco. “Trump’s request three times to the president if he has any advice to give for the formation of his government, and the recruitment of its staff, tells the story of Gaspard Gantzer in his book. “Do you know of many american personalities, you are one of the greatest leaders of the planet, can you help me recruit my team, I need recommendations,” He mocks so much of us that it becomes funny. “As demands on François Hollande has refused to respond before politely hang up and say to his staff around him :” He is still… a ” sacred number… And this was only the beginning !

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