The first born in the family, the child absorbs the karma of the parents, and the second has a lot of talent

As the order of birth of the person in the family affects her fate.

Перша народжена в сім&#039ї дитина поглинає карму батьків, а друга має багато талантів

Your parents were not chosen by chance. Your soul chose them because I knew it was in their family she will receive everything you need to grow and develop spiritually.

The firstborn

From the point of view of the degree of spirituality, the first children are born with an incredibly strong soul. One of the goals of such a child is the absorption of the greater part of the karma of the parents and its transformation into something new, informs Rus.Media.

As you know, each family has its own karma and nature, which are handed down until then, until someone can finally this karmic energy to turn. It was the first-born is the man who takes the responsibility for such changes.

Personagens have all the necessary opportunities to use energy family for her healing. If the child fails, the world will not be anything that can be overpowering.

As a rule, all the firstborn are good guardians and caregivers. Consciously or not, they protect their relatives and plucked a large part the family responsibility on their shoulders. Although such individuals hardy enough for such a burden, but if it becomes excessive, it may cause them to have a sense of inferiority and to lower their self-esteem. And if the first one successfully cope with their problems and turns them into something positive, the process of its development is sharply accelerated, and in the future it will be a big success.

Born second

The second child has so many talents that she needs to share with the world, and therefore, it is necessary to shield the firstborn and the spirit of society, who are born in the family of the latter. So, while the firstborn closes it with his shield, the second-born can work on fulfilling the destiny of his soul.

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In many respects, the first-born and second-born are working in concert on your energy level, even if the physical dimension is not noticeable.

The second-born can be invoked to support the first child, especially when that business is not the best way. Similarly, it can help born and the last thing he feels that he is stuck somewhere in the middle.

Nearly all “second” are innate mediators and very well manifest themselves in the work with people and in healthcare. And they are extremely diplomatic and see things from a broader point of view.

The second born can forget who they really are, and very quickly lose their own way in trying to please everyone around. When such individuals learn to be more independent and again, trying to find themselves, they often return to the very beginning and create new wonderful things.

Born last

From a spiritual point of view, those born last, was sent to Earth to bring in your family light and joy. These people unite relatives, well find a common language with other people and establish lasting friendships.

The younger children, as a rule, more simple approach to life and is less developed the tendency to absorb the bad karma of the family. Such persons often seek to do things his own way and playing by his own rules. They tend to go their own way and trying to fill the family with positive energy. Because bad karma is absorbed mostly by the older members of the family, the smallest members sometimes find themselves unable to take responsibility for their lives. And yet they may lack the maturity and skills to cope with the choice of life.

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Those born last appear frequently in the family in order to give it fresh energy, optimism and to give parents a new perspective on the world. And if they start to control your own life, you will be able to create a truly innovative and inspiring other people things.

The only child in the family

The only child in the family to be much like the first-born, but her spirituality is much more pronounced. She takes on a big part of family karma, while not having a younger brother and sister who have supported it in difficult times. This means that the only child is often very independent and viable. Such people are more likely to occupy leadership skills than first-borns.

Most only children are bringing home more energy, helping parents in what they are working on.

The only children in the family that came into this world as no one else know how to deal with emotions and feel emotional safety. The fact that these children are sometimes very difficult to establish normal relations with other people.

One of the major differences between the only child and a firstborn is that only the first right “poured” into the family dynamics, while the second is born to change something or transform.

The importance of the order of your birth also depends on the energy of your parents and a higher purpose of your soul. If you are a single male or female in the family, your role may largely replicate the role of the firstborn.

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