The fire engulfed a popular shopping center, the number of victims is growing: staff of the Inferno

Пожар поглотил популярный ТЦ, количество жертв растет: кадры огненного ада

A fire in a shopping center claimed the lives of 19 people, the number of victims could rise sharply

Eyewitnesses claim that people were jumping out of Windows to escape.

At least 19 people were killed and dozens were injured in a fire at a shopping Mall in the Indian city of Surat in Gujarat. About it reports India Today, citing the police on Friday, may 24.

“The death toll may increase,” – said the representative of city police Satish Kumar Mishra.

Пожар поглотил популярный ТЦ, количество жертв растет: кадры огненного ада

The fire started on the second floor of the complex Taxshila. On the third and fourth floors of this building is the learning center. The police began the investigation. The reasons causing fire, also not specified. Local authorities have promised financial aid to the relatives of the victims.

Пожар поглотил популярный ТЦ, количество жертв растет: кадры огненного ада

Earlier it was reported that a massive fire began near the burned-out shopping Mall “Winter cherry”, which killed 60 people. In the centre of Kemerovo 20 may illuminate the Hyundai dealership.

Judging by the photos made by eyewitnesses, the fire fully engulfed the roof and spread below the building, thick black smoke. It is specified that the fire area has made 1000 square metres and a few tens of meters from the dealership is the gas station.

“There’s a roof completely covered with fire, not smoke, and fire, and the façade is lit too. For perhaps half an hour already burning. All blocked, they [the emergency services] is already all blocked out, extinguish. And [the fire] of the machine behind the machine and there rushing through the center of the city”, — the eyewitness reported the incident.

Another eyewitness said that the building collapsed roof, “the Fire was strong, very fast, fell swoop broke out. The roof caved in. There’s a filling station nearby, but the fire apparently cut off the filling water. Burned for about 40 minutes, maybe even more.”

The building of the showroom is about a mile from the burnt-out shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. Shopping centre “Winter cherry” was burned in March 2018. The fire claimed the lives of 60 people, including 37 children. The cause of the fire is called a short circuit. In a criminal case about a fire 15 accused. Victims recognized more than 450 people, 83 of them relatives of the victims.

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