The fire destroyed the old Catholic Church: “burning garbage”

Огонь уничтожил старинный католический храм: «жгли мусор»

The Catholic Church was built 123 years ago

The incident happened in Belarus and it happened, apparently accidentally.

In Vitebsk region in 1896 he built a wooden Catholic Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul of the XIX century. In 2019-om it in a tragic accident was completely burned. Operatively arrived firemen religious building could not save.

Огонь уничтожил старинный католический храм: «жгли мусор»

Victims and injured in the fire there.

It is reported that the cause of the fire that destroyed the building, was the careless handling of fire. About temple garbage was burned. The flame on the dry grass got to the wooden Church. The result of human negligence – a sad.

The Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul in 1998 he transferred to Vitebsk diocesan administration of the Orthodox Church. But the Church no one was doing it over 30 years stood abandoned.

As previously reported, in Belgorod-the Dniester area burned recreation “Mexican chain”. As reports a press-service gschs, the fire people were not injured.

According to information, 17 April at 14:18 in the rescue Service “101” received a message about the fire wood storage room in Zatoka. As it became known, the ignition of the wooden extension.

An hour rescuers fought the fire, which damaged a wooden outhouse with an area of 20 square meters.

Clarifies that the fire the firefighters managed to save a nearby building. The damage and the cause of the fire are established.

Огонь уничтожил старинный католический храм: «жгли мусор»

We also wrote that the fire in the resort village Zatoka fire destroyed 20 buildings. Open flame burning building two recreation centers.

“The complexity of fire extinguishing consisted in dense housing areas, wooden buildings and the lack of equipped places for collecting water from the sea. Firefighters brought the fire at 06:45 and eliminated at 08:25 on an area of 800 square meters”, — stated in the message of rescuers.

The fire the fire destroyed 20 buildings, 16 — storey, 3 — storey and 1 storey. Saved 57 of adjacent buildings.

Recall that the Notre Dame Cathedral burned: a well-known cause of the fire.

As reported Politeka, a fire broke out in the center of Kiev: “the car turned into a torch”, video of the disaster.

Politeka also wrote that, under the Odessa tragedy: “Smoked and burned”.