“The fire covered the whole head”: schoolboy burned his face, photos effects 18+

"Огонь охватил всю голову": школьник сжег себе лицо, фото последствий 18+

High school student from California, USA, received severe burns in the face because of an explosion during a scientific experiment in the lesson

An event happened in an elementary school in Encinitas. 13-year-old student was conducting an experiment “fiery serpent” in the course of which the sand is impregnated with alcohol, and then toss him a soda and powdered sugar and then set on fire, reports “Lenta.ru”.

The student claims that the teacher is too much added alcohol, and then the sand exploded right on the face of the victim. He said that his whole head was on fire.

"Огонь охватил всю голову": школьник сжег себе лицо, фото последствий 18+

The victim was taken to the hospital. There he made four surgeries on his neck and face. At the moment it is unknown how well the scars heal the boy, but the doctors hope he will fully recover. The boy’s family sued the school in the amount of $ 1 million. Representatives of educational institutions refuse to comment on the situation until the results of the investigation.


Earlier there was information that the electronic cigarette exploded in the mouth of a teenager and he was left without teeth. It happened in Nevada, USA. 17-year-old tried to quit Smoking and his mother bought for my son an electronic cigarette, to overcome the craving for tobacco. When he tried to use it, it exploded in his mouth.

The boy was immediately taken to hospital, where he received the necessary help. He had burns, a damaged jaw and several teeth fell out. Currently the teenager is not in danger, but after the incident he ever stopped Smoking.

"Огонь охватил всю голову": школьник сжег себе лицо, фото последствий 18+

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