The findings of scientists: mobile phones and Wi-Fi harming our health

In Europe forbid Wi-Fi in schools and kindergartens. And here’s why.

Висновки вчених: мобільні телефони і Wi-Fi шкодять нашому здоров&#039ю

Was already conducted thousands of scientific studies, the results of which scientists are discovering terrible facts about our favorite already smartphones and other gadgets, without which we cannot imagine our life. This Wi-Fi, tablets, mobile phones… But what we especially want to draw your attention, so it’s on Wi-Fi and smartphones, which in schools in many countries have already introduced severe restrictions!

You probably did not know, but already in 2015, in France, a law was passed banning Wi-Fi in kindergartens. This law also includes a paragraph that States that Wi-Fi must be disabled in primary schools. All Internet connections must be leading, informs Rus.Media.

Even in commercials, you must specify that using the headset for calls much safer reducing the harmful effects of radiation on the brain. Also in France, the advertising must not be designed for younger users of the devices.

Restrictions in France are not just for children: in dozens of libraries and universities of Paris disabled and removed all the network wireless connection and even banned in some public institutions.

I think it’s all true and you can’t believe it? All these prohibitions are associated with hundreds of scientific studies!

Not only France imposes restrictions, such activities have already been carried out in Belgium, Australia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, many other European countries and even in India.

Why do many countries around the world are so wary of mobile radiation?

The radiated waves from our devices provoke cancer and other serious diseases. Especially strong is the radiation effect on the child’s body. Imagine the child’s bone marrow absorbs the emitted radiation is 10 times more active than the adult brain.

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Our devices emit microwave radiation.

The effects of such radiation:

  • disruption of the reproductive system;
  • failures of the immune system;
  • synthesis of stress proteins in the brain;
  • impaired memory and sleep;
  • increased risk of brain tumors;
  • breaks in DNA and many others.

All the above effects occur when the level of radiation, which is hundreds of times less than the permissible international standard! And all these sources of radiation in free are sold around the world!

According to the results of studies have shown that prolonged exposure to this type of radiation in the brain die off a lot of cells which are responsible for learning and memory. Also, when cellular radiation close to the brain for 50 minutes there is an increase in the level of glucose in the irradiated part of the brain.

Studies have shown that 3G and 4G connections also change the electrical activity of the brain.

Radiation disrupts the reproductive function of the body, bad for memory and cognitive abilities of the brain, causing headaches, stress, insomnia, children begin to misbehave, going deaf… Also studies have shown the detrimental effect of such radiation on the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pineal gland.

Even low levels of microwave radiation reduces melatonin production. And melatonin is necessary for the body for healthy sleep, also is an antioxidant that repairs damaged DNA and inhibits the growth and emergence of cancer cells.

The scientists also found that radiation affects the level of thyroid hormones. Even the slightest hormonal changes affect the brain!

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The list is endless. The conclusions are clear: mobile phones and Wi-Fi harming our health.

So try to limit their use and keep children away from radiation sources! Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. Prefer a wired connection to the Network. Do not place the phone next to my pillow and restrict the use of cellular for children. Remember that their brains are more susceptible to negative effects!

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