The Film Festival of Quebec is the major leagues

va-t-on-avoir-tous(Quebec) Ian Gailer has never hidden that he wanted the film festival in Quebec City (FCVQ) plays in the major leagues in five years.

Since coming year, he multiplies initiatives including event design signatures. For the sixth edition of this are unprecedented conferences, one with Robert Lepage and Lynda Beaulieu, and a unique professional component of a kind. “If we do not create local potential, we will always remain in the periphery [as festival].”

Still, this is first by the quality of the grid that will distinguish FCVQ. He now has four programmers to power it. “Did we going to have all the big movies? No. Even Berlin not. But good, yes, “believes the energetic Gailer.

Meanwhile the unveiling of the next edition, the Director General has kindly unveil peripheral activities on the sidelines of the 2nd annual BBQ FCVQ Thursday. Their goal? Further stimulate the vitality of the film industry in Quebec, which shows signs of turmoil in recent years.

The Campus will FCVQ contacting emerging talent with more established professionals. In other words, transfer of knowledge, in particular through three mornings 45 minute lectures each. “We must transform the opportunities the Festival into something useful.” Sébastien Pilote and Lynda Beaulieu have already confirmed their presence.

The latter, less known to the public is the essential right arm Lepage – and sister. They also will deliver a joint conference, a first, I believe (September 21, at 15h). A little as did Denys Arcand and Denise Robert, last year. They will talk about cinema, but also created. “The movie business is not as navel gazing,” said Ian Gailer.

Free outdoor screenings

The CEO also relies heavily on the close links of the Festival with the population. The free outdoor screenings, popular, will also return to Place D’Youville. Among them: The crazy day Ferris Bueller, John Hughes with Matthew Broderick; Labyrinth Jim Henson with the late David Bowie and Bach et Bottine André Melançon. The three classical celebrate the 30th anniversary of their release.

Another tale for all will be screened: The frog and the whale, with director Jean-Claude Lord, producer Rock Demers and actress Fanny Lauzier. The timeless Dinner Game (Veber) and the evil (Clouzot), with the great Simone Signoret, will also be on display.

A projection dome 360 ​​degrees will also be erected at Place D’Youville for screenings and concerts.

The sixth edition of FCVQ runs from September 14 to 24. The pass is available in advance at a cost of $ 49.99 www.fcvq.ca .

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