The fight is heating up for PrivatBank Kolomoisky filed five new lawsuits details

Борьба за ПриватБанк накаляется: Коломойский подал пять новых исков, детали

The national Bank of Ukraine is expecting 5 new trials

The former owner of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky filed 5 new claims to the Economic court of Kiev against the NBU.

Claims contested by the five credit agreements and personal guarantee on it. The first hearing will be in court 10, 22 and 23 may.

According to lawyers, thus Kolomoisky wants to err, after the decision of the Pechersk court, which terminated the contract of personal guarantee to the former owner on refinancing loans issued by PrivatBank, Bank for $ 9.2 billion UAH.

Борьба за ПриватБанк накаляется: Коломойский подал пять новых исков, детали

“Igor Kolomoisky filing new lawsuits in the Economic court of Kyiv to invalidate its surety in front of the NBU refinancing loans to PrivatBank, among other things, may indicate awareness of his lawyers about the absence of legal consequences expected by the plaintiff in the appeal to the court. And most importantly — that there is sufficient legal basis for compulsory cancellation of the decision of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, announced on Saturday (20 April — ed.) at half past nine in the evening, and which was terminated the contracts of personal guarantee Kolomoisky, to the appeal”, — explained in a law firm Asters.

It is also noted that the rejection of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv legal arguments of the Bank can approve the disregard of the legal conclusions of the Supreme Court.

“These findings are required for the application, for example, about the impossibility of termination of contracts of suretyship with the stated reason. Similar lawsuits are pending in the commercial court proceedings, and accordingly the Pechersky court was obliged to stop production in the case against Igor Kolomoisky”, — concluded the lawyer.

April 18, the District administrative court of Kiev recognized illegal and cancelled the nationalization of PrivatBank. Thus, he satisfied the claim of the former owner of financial institutions Igor Kolomoisky to the National Bank and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Борьба за ПриватБанк накаляется: Коломойский подал пять новых исков, детали

Later, the NBU announced that they intend in the near future to appeal against the decision of the court.

In addition, the NBU assured that the controversial court decision will not affect the smooth operation of PrivatBank.

Recall that Kolomoisky delivered an important message after the official result of the election.

We also wrote that Kolomoisky made a strong statement about plans for Privat.

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