The Festifolies appeal to the population

but-inclure-davantage-activites-pour(Montreal) In order to include more activities for children in its program, the festival Armandie Festifolies of launching a campaign of sociofinancement. The goal: raise $ 2000 in donations by June 16

The festival already offers activities for children and pre-teens in the past two years. But for this third edition, is really on them that emphasizes. “I always say that children are growing tomorrow’s consumers,” said the director and founder of Festifolies François Marcotte. He firmly believes that it is emerging that will allow the festival to continue its mission to animate the cultural life of St. Armand. “If you will look more and more children and that puts them in contact with artists, we will make them want to consume culture,” he continues.

Among these artists, appoint the Montreal collective En Masse, who will host creative workshops of art works, the cartoonist Siris, the slammer David Goudreault and novelist Kim Thuy. These activities require spending $ 1600, plus $ 400 for the purchase of equipment. But the generosity of people is sometimes limitless … François Marcotte fingers crossed. “If we fortunately exceed our goal, we will be able to add buskers, clowns, magicians.”


This is the first year that the festival Saint-Armand uses a campaign sociofinancement, research sponsorship in the cultural milieu is becoming more and more difficult. “The pool of companies willing to give a hand is limited, so they are extremely stressed”, says François Marcotte. He hopes that the new formula will resonate with the public. “We thought it was a nice way to go to reach people who have some form of affection for our festival,” recalls the founder, lovers of art in all its forms.

The campaign reached 13% of its target so far. Donations can be made online on the www.festifolies.org site. Payment by credit card is secure. “The idea is that people give an amount and get a gift in return.” For example, giving $ 40, you get a package for two at the winery, worth $ 100.


From June 17 to 19, a host of free cultural activities take place on the platform of Philipsburg. Culinary workshops and carnival make-up are provided for children, in addition to activities that sociofinancement campaign will (hopefully) possible.

Under the supervision of three professional artists, festival-goers will be invited to paint the fishing shacks lining the shores of Lake Philipsburg to make works of art.

Also new this year: Dragon Boat Race on Lake Champlain, in favor of Foundation of Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital. Teams formed by eight companies in the region will compete in this friendly competition. “It will brew after the race!” Says François Marcotte, adding that the head frelighsbourgeois Never Enough group will take the stage to provide musical entertainment on Sunday afternoon with its playful hip-hop to Radio Radio. Besides, François Marcotte put on the musical portion of Festifolies to attract teens and adults.

Headlining the festival and within the region, Gregory Charles will give a concert at the Church of Saint-Armand, Sunday, June 19 at 16 pm. Tickets are on sale for $ 45.

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