The fate may 9, solved: when Ukrainians will celebrate the victory Day

Судьба 9 мая решена: когда украинцы будут отмечать День победы

Ukraine could celebrate the victory in world war II as two separate holidays, one of which will be held on may 8 and a second 9 may

The proposal was made by the Director of the Institute of national remembrance Vladimir viatrovych. He was confident that the Day of memory and reconciliation, which is celebrated on may 8, should be officially recognized as a holiday in Ukraine.

“It may be two holidays on may 8 as the Day of memory and reconciliation, when we are together with all of Europe on the European traditions honor all participants of this war, 9 may should be a Day of victory over Nazism. But I think it very important that the status of the day was postponed it on 8 may, so that we gradually nevertheless refused the Soviet tradition of celebrating the end of the Second world war,” — said vyatrovich.

He added that Russia still uses the “Soviet tradition” to interfere in the Affairs of Ukraine.

Судьба 9 мая решена: когда украинцы будут отмечать День победы

“9 may as a public holiday, unfortunately, became the opportunity and basis for a political provocations and manipulations that have nothing to do with the perpetuation of the dead participants of the war or respect for all living participants of the war,” — said vyatrovich.

He believes that the transfer of the day has nothing to do with disrespect to the war veterans.

“On the contrary, it seems to me that such disdain for them is just a different kind of political covens, as they are every time on may 9 in Ukraine”, — said the expert.

He also proposed to hold military parades solely on the independence Day.

We will remind, earlier Vladimir Zelensky met with veterans of the Second world war.

Судьба 9 мая решена: когда украинцы будут отмечать День победы

This became known from the message on the official telegrams-channel “Command Zelensky”. It is reported that the newly elected President met with Ivan Anikiyovych Salignum that may 10 will mark 101 years. Note that Ivan Anikiyovych was captain of the first rank of Marines of the Navy of USSR and participated in the battles of the Second world war. He was awarded medals and orders. The report also said that the veteran lost his grandson in the Donbas.

Zelensky also met with Parseval V. Zelenchuk-Patak, which in 13 years has become a courier of the Ukrainian insurgent army. It is reported that she gave food to soldiers of the UPA, information and wove sweaters.

We will remind, “the headquarters of the Russian world” was organized in Kiev on the eve of victory Day.

As reported Politeka, Odessa was warned of a ban on an important Day.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that a holiday may 9 have to cancel, replaced.