The famous Ukrainian traveler embarks on a big trip around the world

Starts the journey of Artemis on 15 October from Kiev.

Відомий український мандрівник відправляється у велику навколосвітню подорож

15 Oct famous Ukrainian traveller Artemy Surin is sent around the world, in the framework of the project “Great circle”, informs Rus.Media.

Interestingly, in the framework of the invention Artemy plans to visit all six continents, Vecauce Antarctica, without a single flight. In this case, the minimum distance between the most Northern and the most southern point of the path is 10 000 kilometers.

“No air travel – otherwise it would be too easy, too fast and completely without challenge. The train left, transoceanic ships, cars, buses, bicycles and walking. Non-stop movement, with no breaks for “rest” without “to go home for a few days,” says Surin.

The traveler is scheduled to visit 35 countries to find out what they breathe, and dream about what people from different parts of the world. And Artemy plans to help fulfill the dreams of these people.

October 15, Artemia, together with the operator from the Netherlands Adam akso sent from Kiev to the great journey around the Earth. The journey will be what she see the real adventurers, the London Royal Geographical society: start and finish at the same point (Kiev, Ukraine), a continuous path around the planet, visiting all 6 continents, crossing all meridians of the Earth, twice crossing the equator, the minimum distance between the northernmost and southernmost point of the way – 10,000 miles.

Traveler waiting for 9 months for 35 countries of the world – and all this, again, without flights.

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