The famous singer was accused of scary, “will be judged by 13 points”

Известного певца обвинили в страшном: "будут судить по 13 пунктам"

Rapper and winner of three awards “Grammy” was arrested for child pornography

Chicago police arrested an American R&B artist, which received three Grammy award R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Kelly. The singer was charged for 13 items, reports The The New York Times.

Известного певца обвинили в страшном: "будут судить по 13 пунктам"

The musician has to surrender to the police is not the first time. Now R Kelly is accused of making child pornography involving a minor and obstruction of justice.

Note that in February of this year, 52-year-old R. Kelly was accused of raping four women, three of whom were less than 18 years. Later the musician was released on bail, his guilt he did not recognize.

In sexual offences, the accused star is not the first year. 18 years ago he was tried for child pornography. At that time in the hands of law enforcement officials alleged was a video in which R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl. In 2008, the singer was acquitted.

What the outcome of the litigation for Robert Kelly at this time is still unknown.

Известного певца обвинили в страшном: "будут судить по 13 пунктам"

Recall that recently died famous beatmaker, who became famous thanks to the platform Soundcloud.

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Recall the famous Russian singer predicted his own death on the occasion of his daughter.

As reported Politeka, ex-husband of Julia Nachalova won a lawsuit against the late singer.

Also Politeka wrote that the PR-Director of Nachalovo first came in light after death of the singer.