The famous Russian painter crashed in an accident: “a strong blow”

Знаменитый российский художник разбился в ДТП: «сильный удар»

Car accident happened due to the fact that the driver was distracted by the gadget

According to witnesses, the car involved in the incident, “tick”.

Famous Russian artist Nikas Safronov has been in an accident. The incident occurred in the suburbs at the entrance to the elite Barvikha village. “On the third kilometer of the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway at around 21:30 in his car at full speed crashed into a KIA Rio,” he told details of the accident, the artist’s son Luca Safronov, Russian media writes.

Знаменитый российский художник разбился в ДТП: «сильный удар»

The artist also commented on the accident: “We were moving quietly, but the back … there was a strong blow. We shook: the pillow is not opened, however. We were wearing”.

He argues that to blame the driver of the other vehicle while driving

distracted by the gadget. The video of consequences of accident can be seen that the shot hit the back of the car artist. Apparently, the driver behind the car did not survive the distance.

“God grant that everything worked out, everything is alive. This is the most important,” – said Safronov. It is also reported that he injured his neck. Now Safronov and his companion with the doctors of “ambulance”.

Nikas Safronov and his friend were driving in “Barvikha Luxury village” to the memory of the deceased of Alla Verber, fashion Director of TSUM.

As we wrote earlier, a terrible accident claimed at least ten lives — the accident happened in Turkey.

The provincial Governor oktay Chagatai Wednesday, September 11, reported the deadly crash of Bitlis. It crashed the minibus, geographically is in South-East Turkey.

In the heart of the city Kalkanli overturned minibus, killing 10 people, seven are wounded. Aware of ten dead and seven injured. The victims were taken to local hospitals. The worst thing is that among the victims were six children.

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It is known that the bus was carrying local villagers in the town of Hizan. The place was in chaos, people are heartbroken, and local investigators are trying to rescue those still alive and needs help.

Знаменитый российский художник разбился в ДТП: «сильный удар»

Recall also, people burned to death in a luxury car – accident shocking details. The empty space in the Russian capital happened a fatal accident: “Inexperience of the driver as part of the management of a powerful sports car and ignoring weather conditions led to a fiery accident”.

It is known that on the Kiev highway in Moscow, crashed a young couple. Yellow Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray spun around on the road, hit the rear part of the bump. The car caught fire and in a matter of minutes burned up.

In the incident, the couple was in the car died on the spot. Later, reporters learned that the husband and wife were eager to relax and rented this luxury sports car.

We will remind, terrible road accident happened in Odessa: “a fire, a huge tube and flipped the jeep.”

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the new Zaitseva blew a stop in Kiev: people scattered like bowling pins.