The famous Russian Director was taken by an ambulance: “suspected…”

Известного российского режиссера увезла «скорая»: «подозрение на...»

The famous Director taken to hospital in a critical condition

The husband of a famous actress urgently conduct surveys.

Russian film Director Gleb Panfilov was hospitalized in critical condition. 85-year-old Panfilov felt ill Wednesday, 14 August, Russian media reported.

Известного российского режиссера увезла «скорая»: «подозрение на...»

The artist was called the carriage “first aid”. Arrived medics hospitalized the Director.

Panfilov a suspected heart attack. Now they are doctors, conduct the necessary tests to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Gleb Panfilov was born in 1934 in the Urals (Russia). His childhood and youth were spent in Magnitogorsk. After high school, Panfilov entered the chemical faculty of the Ural Polytechnic University. After University he became a master at the plant medapart in Sverdlovsk, then a research fellow of the research Institute.

In Sverdlovsk, he shot his first film – short film. For his directorial career he made films “In the fire Broda no”, “Beginning”, “I Ask”, “the first circle” and others.

His films have won various awards, including international.

The wife of film Director is famous Russian actress Inna Churikova. Note that this summer has had some trouble with the negative. She fell from the stage of the theatre “Russian song” during a rehearsal of the play “Old maid” and was in intensive care.

It all happened in the end. Behind the scenes of the 75-year-old actress took on the hands. She was taken to the intensive care unit of the Institute named sklifosofskiy, then transferred to a regular ward.

“I fell because of that eyesight began to fail. Sometimes before my eyes like a film,” later said Churikova.

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75-year-old Churikova noted that for future games on the stage she needed to do eye surgery.

Известного российского режиссера увезла «скорая»: «подозрение на...»

The actress added that fractures during a fall, fortunately, managed to escape, but she suffered multiple bruises. Churikova admitted that immediately after the fall of the thought about the worst outcome, but “bone work”.

“I myself, when I fell, thought something dangerous. But my bones survived. Now I’m in the hospital being treated. Doctors to me very careful,” said the actress.

Recall that the famous Russian actress was stunned by the confession: “I Have found new cancer.”

As reported Politeka, died a famous actress loved by the entire country: tens of years in a movie.

Politeka also wrote that the famous Russian actress said about the mysterious death of her son: “he Lived three days”