The famous Russian actor and singer died on stage: the details of the tragedy

Известный российский актер и певец умер прямо на сцене: подробности трагедии

The actor died suddenly on the scene when film with his participation

He was only 42 years old.

Honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, the author and performer of his songs Arseny Kurchenkov suddenly passed away during a performance. The tragedy occurred on Thursday, October 10, at theatre in Kazan, Russian media writes.

Известный российский актер и певец умер прямо на сцене: подробности трагедии

The leading actor was engaged in the performance “Ball. Demons” under Dostoevsky’s novel.

His sudden death shocked his colleagues. They are hardly our strength to finish the play to the end.

“Arseny left the memory of himself as a bright and talented actor and musician with a great versatile gift. Plastic, temperamental, charismatic, he enjoyed a great love of the audience”, — told in the theatre.

It is reported that the theatre has cancelled all performances for the next three days. Bury Kurchenkova on Sunday.

Earlier we wrote that in 77 years has died the actor of Indian cinema Vijay Hoth. The cause of death of the actor is not called.

Vijay Hoth is a true veteran of Indian cinema. For 50 years, he has performed more than 340 roles. Most often the actor playing the secondary characters and negative characters.

The idol of several generations of the audience was a representative of the famous acting dynasty. His father was a theater actor, and later sister chose a creative profession. Myself Vijay spent her childhood behind the scenes, but began to play the movie only in the 60s. After the release of the film “Revenge and the law”, he gained popularity.

Particularly popular actor was in 70-e and 80-e years of the last century. He managed to play in ten projects for the year. Although not all of them received positive reviews from critics. The actor himself in an interview said that he is inspired by the work on the set, so it is easy to agree to any role.

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Известный российский актер и певец умер прямо на сцене: подробности трагедии

Among the most famous works of the star such films as “the Third eye of Shiva”, “Burning passion” and “Different destinies”.

In addition to working in film, Vijay periodically played on the stage. But to make a career outside India, he failed.

In recent years, the actor has reduced creative activity. So, with 2014 screens out a total of five bands with his participation.

Recall, stopped the heart star of the film James bond: “he was adored by millions.”

As reported Politeka, disclosed is a terrible cause of death of 20-year-old star of Hollywood: “hide very long”.

Also Politeka wrote that he died the star of the movie “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory”: the last days turned into hell