The famous RGA business excellence, a 30 th time

edition-2016-gala-excellence-regroupementThe business people Grouping National Capital (RGA) celebrated business people of the success of the region on Saturday as part of its annual Excellence Gala.

Much like the movie Inception Christopher Nolan, who introduced us to the concept of the dream within the dream, the celebration of excellence itself was celebrated Saturday night as the 30th gala was organized by the RGA.

For the occasion, the RGA made sure to welcome the guests in a colorful decor, making unrecognizable the EY Centre congress hall where the gala was held.

A veteran of the event, the Attorney General of Ontario and Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs, Madeleine Meilleur, was pleased to see the gala continue to attract interest after all these years.

“I find it so important the RGA said Meilleur. It is important that they are recognized. It celebrates excellence, people who dared to invest and then you see tonight, at all events like this, they are happy because it’s a plus for their business. […] It also shows that we can succeed in business in French. ”

The chairman of the RGA, Denis Chaîné, believes the gala remains relevant even after so many years. “Before, being in business, it was a celebration of profits. While today it’s a celebration of life, death, creation and innovation. ”

Mr. Chaine also points out that despite a nomination process “very rigorous,” which prevents a particular candidate to appear again before a few years, there are constantly a relief that allows to present quality year after year finalists .

The winners

In opening gala, the Officer of the Year Award was presented to the Executive Director of MIFO, Marie-Claude Doucet.

Shortly after, it was named the large business of the year, The Raymond Roofing. The company president, Alain Raymond, took the time to highlight the work of his team by accepting the prize. “Only, you’re going fast. As a team, you’re going away, “commented Mr. Raymond.

Other recipients were the restaurant Le Cellier (SME of the Year); Luc Bessette, Heritage HollisWealth (microenterprise year); Francis Meunier, the company Crazy nuts (young entrepreneur of the year); Dental Congress Outaouais (Innovation of the Year); and Jacques Brunet of Michanie Construction (contractor of the year).

Price favorite were also presented to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa, Claude Laguë; the CEO of the Laiterie de l’Outaouais, Georges Émond; the CEO of The Loop Génèze Innovation, Jean-Philippe Brousseau; and the President of Powerhouse Production event, Marc-Antoine Massicotte.

Excellence Awards 2016 RGA
Executive of the Year: Marie-Claude Doucet, Director General MIFO

Large Business of the Year: The Raymond and Associates Roofing

SME of the Year: The Cellar

Micro-Business of the Year: Luc Bessette, Heritage HollisWealth

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: Francis Miller, partner at The crazy nuts

Innovation of the Year: the Dental Congress in Ottawa

Entrepreneur of the Year: Jacques Brunet, president and founder of Michanie Construction

Coup de Coeur of the jury

Claude Laguë, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ottawa
Georges Emond, President and CEO of the Laiterie de l’Outaouais
Jean-Philippe Brousseau, President and CEO of The Loop Geneze Innovation
Marc-Antoine Massicotte, President of Production Powerhouse event

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