The famous brand chose the model with the defect: “the punk singer”

Знаменитый бренд выбрал модель с дефектом внешности: «панк-певица»

A new line of lipstick would represent an unusual model in the photo that will surprise, perhaps, all

The punk singer Danny Miller has agreed to introduce a new line of lipstick by Gucci.

Curiously, the girl dental problems. She’s missing two upper incisors. However, this did not prevent the well-known brand to make it their new face and have to run advertising campaign.

Знаменитый бренд выбрал модель с дефектом внешности: «панк-певица»

“Bold, bright and beautiful” — the slogan of the campaign.

Fashion house on his page in social network Instagram has published the message that the advertising campaign was launched. Also in social networks appeared a photo of a smile, Danny Miller. The singer’s lips painted bright red lipstick.

As previously reported, the negligent dentist ruined the life and career of the famous British model April Gilmartin and now have to pay compensation determined by the court.

In 2014, the girl fell on the street and damaged the tooth, then decided to go to the dentist. The specialist advised the model to replace not one, but four teeth. Girl, relying on instinct dentist agreed and regretted.

“It is advised to clean the root canals and put dental veneers”, she shared about her first trip to the dentist. After a visit to the doctor set the plates fell off after a few months, and the teeth began to ache terribly, she says.

In the next visit the doctor put the girl’s other plate, but they did not fit in color to the natural teeth of the girl and after some time also started to bring pain and inconvenience.

In addition, her gums began to bleed, there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth, and she lost the last opportunity to engage in their favorite work. Soon April left the modeling industry.

Знаменитый бренд выбрал модель с дефектом внешности: «панк-певица»

“I had to put another and braces. The doctor said that the teeth will hurt until you get used to the veneers. I could neither eat nor sleep. Plus I have started bleeding gums and unpleasant smell from a mouth, so the people I have only appeared in the mask,” complained the model.

But it became better not. After these unsuccessful attempts to cure teeth, the girl went to another dentist who corrected the errors of the previous expert as much as could, but it did not eliminate the consequences completely.

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