The famous actress went on suicide and wrote about it in the network: the details of the tragedy

Известная актриса пошла на самоубийство и написала об этом в сети: детали трагедии

Known in certain circles, the actress took his own life at the age of 44 years

American actress Him of Dorman committed suicide. This writes Рoliteka with reference to the publication of the artist in the network. It is from this publication in Facebook family and friends of the actress and learned about the irreparable. Such a terrible “original” way to say goodbye chose the artist herself – the only thing she asked family and friends is to help you understand her little daughter that her mother is not to blame.

In the suicide note in the network refers to the fact that Him, Dorman thought a lot about how to say goodbye to those he loves, and admitted that they never found a good way to do it. Asking forgiveness from all those who are angry with her, she hoped that her memory would be an exceptionally bright and kind. She also asked if he could help her daughter Nai “to understand that she was not to blame for the suicide of the mother.”

Известная актриса пошла на самоубийство и написала об этом в сети: детали трагедии

What pushed her to such a step is not clear. It is known that she was transgender, she was performing as a stand up comedian, she also founded the sanctuary for the great apes and marine turtles in Equatorial Guinea.

Over 12 years of work actress on television and in the theatre has gained a lot of friends and, as it turned out was not quite a typical representative of show business – because he worked as a software engineer in the company Vineti. The company is engaged in software development in the field of gene therapy. The comedian has also engaged in volunteer work in the San Francisco LGBT center has helped people to find a job in the technical field.

Известная актриса пошла на самоубийство и написала об этом в сети: детали трагедии

Actress shocked of what happened:

“Him, darling. How I wish that we all could help you through the darkness. We will always love you, fly high sweet angel,” wrote the sister of Dorman Becky Kugler in the comments under her farewell post in Facebook.

Известная актриса пошла на самоубийство и написала об этом в сети: детали трагедии

Recall also, in American University continues the series of high – profile suicides- the public is shocked by the information about the new victim.

In the United States committed suicide, the head of the specialized service at the University.

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“The head of the psychological service of the University of Pennsylvania Gregory Hills died early in the morning – he committed suicide.”

Gregory Hills jumped from the 17th floor of one of the skyscrapers in downtown Philadelphia. He was 52 years old and he was engaged in that helped the Teens, more precisely for the students to prevent, not to lead to suicide.

It is known that the deceased left a wife and three children. What caused such an act – no one knows, of Ills did not leave a suicide note, but according to his own man – a man previously complained of problems at work.

It is also known that Eells worked at the above mentioned University only six months – in March he moved to Pennsylvania to head up a dedicated division for counseling students who have had problems – depression, etc. etc. – all sorts of problems and minor mental disorders. He previously more than 10 years of Ills worked at Cornell University expert on sustainability. On the eve of the move, in fact, in this regard, ILSA there and called in the University is massively committed suicide over the past 6 years 14 students have committed suicide.

Recall, the shooting took place in Kiev, brought together doctors and the police

Also Рoliteka wrote, the shooting occurred in the Ukrainian resort, preparing the assault

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