The famous actress spoke about the murder of beloved: “before the wedding…”

Известная актриса рассказала об убийстве возлюбленного: "перед самой свадьбой..."

Well-known Russian actress Ekaterina Semenova revealed details of the murder of her fiance

48-year-old actress shared details of one of the most tragic episodes in their lives in the program “the Secret to a million.” In the 90 Semenova met a millionaire by Ilya Medovym. The pair were already planning the wedding, but shortly before the appointed day fiance brutally murdered.

“I heard only, “Ilya killed”… And do not remember anything” — said the actress.

She recalls that Medkov had feared an attempt on his life and tried to take extra precautions. However, once he came out of the house without body armor and shot him.

Semenova admits that after this her life came a difficult period when she struggled with depression and couldn’t accept the loss.

Известная актриса рассказала об убийстве возлюбленного: "перед самой свадьбой..."

“I was absolutely sick man, I should have been put in a mental hospital”, — said the actress.

The main support for her was her little son Nikita, for which the actress has decided to start life anew. Father Nikita is Anton Tabakov with which Semyonov met very long.

The actress was first officially married in the late 90s. Her lover was a businessman Cyril Segal, Semyonov which later gave birth to a daughter. However, their relationship also ended sadly: a man was very jealous wife and eventually they drifted away from each other.

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“But you know, once a wise man said an important thing: “If you have a child from a man, you should see it as relative.” And so it happens still. I love the fathers of their children. Never manipulated daughter or son,” — said Semyonov.

Известная актриса рассказала об убийстве возлюбленного: "перед самой свадьбой..."

Previously known Russian artist and blogger, told about the terrible details of the death of a famous actress – a question of Faith Ivleva, the mutilated body of actress found after a couple of months after the tragic that happened to a celebrity case.

As you know, the Russian actress who was popular in Soviet times and 90-ies of the last century, Vera Ivleva died as a result of a terrible accident on the road. 18 Sep 2019 actress would have turned 76 years old.

We will remind, suddenly died the national actress that was loved by all.

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