The famous actor mocked by Alibasova in a wheelchair: “Simple trick”

Знаменитый артист поиздевался над Алибасовым в инвалидной коляске: "Нехитрый трюк"

Famous actor Efim Shifrin has questioned the validity of the history of poisoning Bari Alibasov, the error of those who drink the cleaner pipe. A humorist says that he was the first who played the audience, pretending to be sick in the program of Malakhov.

The comedian made a post in Facebook where he wrote that the victim of chemicals producer only repeated his “simple trick” in the popular gear.

“Those who drink “Mole” leader “Nanai” moved into the Studio in a wheelchair, and then shook himself and kissed his master, appeared before the astonished audience alive and well” — he described, with much irony the beginning of the talk show.

Знаменитый артист поиздевался над Алибасовым в инвалидной коляске: "Нехитрый трюк"

The actor recalled how in March he decided to appear on television with a cane and dark glasses, is furnished with loud rumors about his blindness. However, while he briefly took the audience by the nose, pushing your “props” to the side and declaring himself fully healthy.

Shifrin was very sorry that the idea to patent this “miracle of St. Jorgen”, which seems to be an everlasting trend of such programs is not called for his head earlier.

Marvelous are thy works, o Lord! You probably remember this grim joke, when, in response to speculation I took out hacks,…

Posted by Nakhim Shifrin on Monday, June 24, 2019

We will remind, 4 Jun Bari Alibasov by mistake drank a tool for cleaning pipes and poisoned. The producer was taken to hospital with strong burns of the esophagus and put in a medically induced coma. Relatives of the victim even filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer due to too much of the bottle.

Alibasov too quickly regained power and immediately after discharge started giving interviews. Most of the stars of show business sure that the producer just faked his hospitalization for attention to their personality.

Знаменитый артист поиздевался над Алибасовым в инвалидной коляске: "Нехитрый трюк"

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Doctors research Institute. Sklifosovsky, where the treatment was 72-year-old Alibasov, pointed out many inconsistencies in the scandalous story of his poisoning. For example, a gastroenterologist, noted that the history of the famous producer of “the absolute fake”, because with that diagnosis about which all spoke native Alibasov, the victim could not speak and eat by themselves.

According to experts, if delivered Alibasova the diagnosis was correct, the producer would not dare to write so fast.

“If there was a burn of the fourth degree, it would mean complete destruction of the tissues of the esophagus. And even if the person survives, which is doubtful, the esophagus and remove him”, — said the expert.

He also shared his opinion about the videos that appeared after discharge, Bari Alibasov from the hospital. On one of them the victim walks around the house and mountain in the background of jars of baby food. However, he did not look emaciated, but had to stick to a strict diet.

“With this burn, it needs to be fed through a gastrostomy tube, a tube into the small intestine, bypassing the stomach and the esophagus, the stomach, the patient should be hole — and it isn’t present”, — told the doctor.

Recall Alibasov after the poisoning attacked his doctor, the fight was caught on video.

As reported Politeka, girlfriend Alibasov stuffed a producer of drugs.

Also Politeka wrote that short video revealed the truth about the state of Bari Alibasov.