The famous actor Kevin costner revealed the secret of the cult film “the Bodyguard”: “actually…”

Знаменитый актер Кевин Костнер раскрыл тайну культового фильма "Телохранитель": "На самом деле..."

Kevin costner said, who actually took the picture of the famous poster

The movie “the Bodyguard”, released in 1992, with a budget of $ 40 million managed to collected in world hire of almost 411 million. As a result, the film has become one of the highest grossing at the time.

In the tape starring the popular actor Kevin costner and singer Whitney Houston, who died in 2012. On the days the 64-year-old costner has revealed the secret of the movie poster.

The poster was a picture of Frank Farmer, the bodyguard, performed by Kevin costner, who comes out of night club star Rachel Marron — Whitney Housten. The man rescued the singer from the crowd of fans. This poster is called the hallmark of the film, which was made possible thanks to Costner.

Знаменитый актер Кевин Костнер раскрыл тайну культового фильма "Телохранитель": "На самом деле..."

However, as it turned out, actually, the photo depicts not the Whitney Housten, and one of its doublers. That day, when filming the scenes, the singer had already left home, so I had to draw her double.

“In fact, there was not Whitney. She went home and that was her understudy. She buried her head in my shoulder, which was logical because he was scared,” — said the actor.

According to costner, he chose this picture for the poster and its author was a friend of Ben glass. The actor had to “go to battle” with the filmmakers to place the photo on the poster. Opponents wanted to put a face Houston on the poster.

“First, he (poster — ed.) they didn’t like because there was not enough face Whitney. They sent me five models of showing her face. However, I said that the first — best. As a result, he remained,” — said Kevin.

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Знаменитый актер Кевин Костнер раскрыл тайну культового фильма "Телохранитель": "На самом деле..."

Note, in the movie “the Bodyguard” felt “chemistry” between the characters. Costner spoke about the talented scenario Lawrence Kasdan, which was such an experience while watching.

“Some moments with Whitney was very emotional and that words somehow created this “chemistry” — said the actor.

It is worth noting that after the film and the famous song “I Will Always Love You”, performed by Whitney Houston, the actress became even more popular. It costner came up with the idea to sing this song, who eventually became the global hit.

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