The famous actor is seriously ill, canceled all performances: “alarming”

Известный актер серьезно болен, отменены все спектакли: «вызывает опасения»

The theatre, which serves as a famous actor, even released a special official statement

67-year-old actor Viktor Sukhorukov very seriously ill.

Due to illness Sukhorukov in the Mossovet theater canceled all performances with the participation of popular actor and acted in the social network Instagram with the appropriate application. The theatre’s administration told about changes in the repertoire, but did not explain what happened to Sukhorukov.

Известный актер серьезно болен, отменены все спектакли: «вызывает опасения»

It is known only that his condition “alarming”.

Note that recently Viktor Sukhorukov injured his hand playing in the play in the Theater of Mossovet. The actor fell during a play. The play is immediately interrupted and people’s artist of Russia visited the doctors decided to hospitalize him.

Viktor Sukhorukov was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky. There doctors diagnosed artist dislocation of the hand.

Recall that the state known for the films “Brother”, “Brother-2”, “hide and seek”, etc.

As previously reported, the 69-th year of life died Russian actor Alexey Buldakov, the star of the movie “peculiarities of national hunting”. The role of General brought him national love.

The actor died before the departure to the capital of the Russian Federation, staying in a hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Driver waiting Buldakova under the hotel, was worried due to the long absence of men. After a while the taxi driver turned to the hotel staff.

Buldakov was found dead in his hotel room. According to preliminary data, he had congestive heart failure on the background of ischemic heart disease.

Известный актер серьезно болен, отменены все спектакли: «вызывает опасения»

The actor was born 26 March 1951 in the Altai region. The first role in the movie, he was only in 1982 in the film “Through the fire”. Starred in dozens of films and television series.

We also wrote about what the 4th of April, died the famous Soviet and Russian film Director Georgy Danelia. He was 88 years old.

Two months ago he was hospitalized with pneumonia, then the doctors transferred him to intensive care and put into an artificial coma, trying to stabilize his condition. At Danelia was diagnosed with pneumothorax.. His condition is estimated as stably heavy.

The government removed many of the iconic Soviet movies: “I step through Moscow”, “Afonya”, “Mimino”, “kin-DZA-DZA”, “Autumn marathon”.

Recall, died a famous film Director, who was called “king” of Hollywood.

As reported Politeka, died young Ukrainian actor.

Also Politeka wrote that suddenly died a scandalous Russian singer.