The famous actor has rebuffed the accusations of harassment

Известный актер дал отпор обвинениям в домогательствах

Geoffrey rush, known for the films pirates of the Caribbean, appeared in court on charges of defamation.

Hollywood actor, Geoffrey rush, known for the films pirates of the Caribbean, recently appeared before Sydney’s Federal court hearing the case of sexual harassment. During the trial the charges against him were disproved. This writes the Associated Press.

It is known that in last year’s edition of the Daily Telegraph has published several articles columnist Jonathan Moran about the harassment, which allegedly afford to rush against the actress Erin Jean Norville. From materials follows, that the incidents occurred during the filming of King Lear in 2015 and 2016.

The actor was accused of touching actress lower back, releasing at the same dirty jokes.

The lawyer of the actor said that his client has always been impeccable reputation, and he never appeared in scandals.

Actor Geoffrey rush is an Oscar winner, which he was awarded in 1996 for her role in the film Glitter, in which he played pianist David Helfgott. The last time he was known primarily for her role in the Pirates of the Caribbean, where it appeared in the guise of Captain Barbossa.

Earlier it was reported that actor bill Murray stood up for Dustin Hoffman, accused of harassment.

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