The famous actor faces amputation after a spider bite: “never seen anything more disgusting…”, photo 18

Известному актеру грозит ампутация после укуса паука: "Не видел ничего отвратительнее...", фото 18+

Actor Matthew Phillips does not feel his legs due to illness

British actor Matthew Phillips admitted that he was bitten by a poisonous spider. The man said that suffers from type II diabetes, so his limb went numb.

According to the artist, and he believes the insect bit him during the stay at the hotel Las Vegas or on the plane. At the time he took off his shoes.

Известному актеру грозит ампутация после укуса паука: "Не видел ничего отвратительнее...", фото 18+

As a result of Philips had to operate. The man removed the dead tissue. Due to the fact that diabetes has damaged his nerve endings, the man didn’t even have to take painkillers.

As Matthew says, he can not even feel like stepped on a nail. The doctors cut off the dead tissue and flesh that the man called repulsive spectacle.

“I’ve never seen anything more disgusting,” shared the actor.

However, perhaps the artist in the future will need amputation.

By assumption, physicians, Phillips was bitten by a brown recluse spider living in Eastern North America.

Note, Matthew Phillips “lit up” in the British soap Opera “Farm Emmerdale”, broadcasted on ITV since 1972 and in the other series.

Recall July 14 was killed by a resident of the village of Gorenka, Kyiv oblast, who was hit with a stool on the head. According to the press service of the Prosecutor’s office, the criminal was dressed as a spider. Soon the 23-year-old suspect was detained.

In addition to blows with a stool, the young man beat the victim with a stick. In the result the victim died directly at the place of residence and was staying with his killer.

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The investigation under part 2 of article 121 of the criminal code of Ukraine (deliberate heavy injury, entailed death of the victim) continues.

Известному актеру грозит ампутация после укуса паука: "Не видел ничего отвратительнее...", фото 18+

Earlier we wrote that the residents of Kharkiv noticed poisonous spiders. In particular, photos of insects has published one of the residents of the city of Lozovaya.

Experts believe that a woman captured South Russian tarantula family of spiders-Volkov.

As told to the author of the post, photo was made by her friend who saw an insect the size of about 7 inches. The witnesses threw a stone at it, in a result from behind the spider ran up hundreds of spiderlings. The author proposes to do in the area disinfestation or to warn children to be careful.

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