The family was severely beaten in front of the children: “Who are you, you are no match for us, will prove nothing”

Семью жестоко избили на глазах у детей: «Кто ты такой, вы нам не ровня, ничего не докажете»

Six men with guns attacked a family families with children in the village of yurivka in Donetsk region because they asked not to drive at high speed through the village

About it writes the local edition of 0629.

“We left the yard with the kids and headed to the sea when passing us at high speed swept two cars – a black Mazda with license plates EN 0682 and BMW KN EN 0101. Then they turned sharply down the street and again rushed. It’s a quiet village street, walking here children. I waved them to slow down and not drive at that speed. But then the car left a few people and started beating me with their feet,” — said one of the injured Andrew.

Семью жестоко избили на глазах у детей: «Кто ты такой, вы нам не ровня, ничего не докажете»

Then it came to weapons.

“They shouted: “Who are you to stop our car!”. Knocked me to the ground in front of the children. My wife began to scream. Then one of the attackers clicked the shutter on the gun, aim a gun on her and says he’ll shoot if she doesn’t shut up. At this time of the yard popped up two relatives of Andrew. And then the attackers switched to them. Alexander H. they struck several blows on the head and he lost consciousness. Man could not revive, and all agreed that he died. Seeing this, the assailants jumped in their cars and left,” described the situation of the victim.

The ambulance doctors who arrived on the scene, recorded cherepno-a brain trauma, a bruise of soft tissues of the head and the trauma of the mandible. The child, who witnessed this scene, had to be sedated, the girls were hysterical.

The victims called the police. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under article 125 of the criminal code – infliction of light bodily harm. Regarding the use of weapons — the victims do not believe a word, there is a check.

April 29, the attackers came to the victims and demanded to take a statement from police.

“Don’t you know who we are? You are no match for us. You can’t prove anything. But we have your phones and where you live, we know. Mariupol is a small town,” said they.

According to Natalia L., whose brother suffered from the attack, one of the cars registered in the name of Nicholas Ariha.

People sitting in the BMW, is associated with the family Zhar (Sgar), is well known in Mariupol, which has a very specific reputation. Who actually was in the machine, is not yet known. The police did not disclose this information.

Семью жестоко избили на глазах у детей: «Кто ты такой, вы нам не ровня, ничего не докажете»

A video that could help with the answer to this question, unfortunately, lost. The attackers confiscated from a local resident, who filmed the entire scene of the attack, mobile phone and erased all data, except for one photo.

Recall the animal that mauled a woman, was 13-year-old rum.

As reported Politeka, the girl was the victim of a brutal attack in the center of Kiev.

Also Politeka told that the maniac without regret, told how he dealt with the 16-year-old.