The family Meghan Markle scandal broke after the birth of her son: “don’t let Him near Archie”

В семье Меган Маркл вспыхнул скандал после рождения сына: «Его нельзя подпускать к Арчи»

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle urged not to contact with the father after the birth of her son Archie

This was stated by first wife of Thomas Markle Roslin, reports the Mirror.

“The family of Meghan Markle caught in a scandal after the birth of the firstborn of the Duchess of Sussex. The first wife of the father of Meghan Markle Thomas stated that he was a bad father, and he shouldn’t be around Archie”, — stated in the message.

В семье Меган Маркл вспыхнул скандал после рождения сына: «Его нельзя подпускать к Арчи»

It is emphasized that Roslin Markle has long kept silent, but decided to break it after the birth of baby Megan Markle.

“Roslin Markle, who remained silent for three years since Prince Harry met Megan, claims that he was a terrible father, who had little interest in their young children. She warned Megan the idea to make up with her estranged father so he could become a real grandfather for Archie, as she feels that he will not change”, — underlined in the message.

It is clarified that Thomas had repeatedly cheated on her, insulted and starved. Because of this, the woman was forced to steal food in the store.

74-year old Thomas denies all charges.

As previously reported, the man said that I was not going to become the godfather of the child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He also added that the little Archie stole his holiday.

We are talking about Hollywood actor George Clooney, who, according to rumors, the Dukes of Sussex would like to see the godfather of their first child. 58-year-old actor so tortured questions by journalists, he commented on the situation.

“I’m not going to become their godfather, I swear! I’m sure a hundred percent. It would be a bad idea. I shouldn’t actually be anyone’s godfather”, – categorically said Clooney.

He added that he is the father of two little twins and struggling to cope even with this responsibility. “I can barely keep up with its role as a parent and it scares me,” shared George.

Curiously, the heir of the Dukes of was born on 6 may and on the same day he was born and George Clooney. “He stole my holiday!”, joked Clooney.

В семье Меган Маркл вспыхнул скандал после рождения сына: «Его нельзя подпускать к Арчи»

Recall that George Clooney was embarrassing at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

As reported Politeka, George Clooney suddenly started talking about Meghan Markle: “the Story of Diana repeats itself”.

Politeka also wrote that George Clooney on the verge of divorce: my wife ran off with the children.