The explosions took place in military warehouses: there are emergency treatment, the Ministry of defense

Взрывы прогремели на военных складах: появилось чрезвычайное обращение Минобороны

Explosions thundered in the warehouses of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine in Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry.

Wednesday, September 11, at about 11:30 another service Arsenal were recorded smoke on the site of the detonation of unexploded ordnance and technical area storage base near the village of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia.

In the area of the smoke recorded six explosions of ammunition, taken out on a certain area previously, for further utilization.

Взрывы прогремели на военных складах: появилось чрезвычайное обращение Минобороны

The scene left the operative group headed by the first Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Arsenal are specialists of the State service for emergency situations, employees of the National police and Military police in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Continuing the localization of the fire.

According to preliminary information, smoke blanketing has occurred from-for burning of about two acres of dry grass.

As previously reported, in emergency at Zaporizhia suffered military equipment of AFU – important elements of the armor was destroyed by series of explosions. A military unit carried out the relocation of the mobile, and at this point in the column technology bombings.

The fire occurred in one of the cargo trailers. Were there lubricants ignited and detonated. The blast also destroyed the system of control of dynamic armor.

This incident, investigators have described as the destruction of military property. The state of Ukraine suffered damage in large amounts.

UIR officers started the investigation on this case.

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We will remind, in Russia finally recognized the radioactive splesk from the explosion at Archangel on the site of the Russian Navy.

In Russia, confirmed that radioactivity was increased briefly due to the passing cloud of radioactive inert gases.

According to information, the cloud of radioactive inert gases were formed after the breakup of the isotopes of barium, strontium and lanthanum, said the report on identified cases of changes of radiation environment.

Взрывы прогремели на военных складах: появилось чрезвычайное обращение Минобороны

“Northern UGMS and the “Typhoon” was carried out measuring the activity of gamma-spectrometric analysis of samples of radioactive aerosols in air and deposition. The radionuclide composition of the samples, however, showed the presence of technogenic radionuclides of short-lived 91Sr (T1/2=9.3 hours) and 139Ba (T1/2=83 min), 140Ba (T1/2=12.8 days) and its daughter radionuclide 140La (T1/2=at 40mph), the decomposition products which are inert radioactive gases (IRG).”, — said in Roshydromet, Russian media writes.

Recall that there were photos from the explosion at Arkhangelsk.

We also wrote that a nuclear explosion in Russia cluttered with details.

Politeka even reported that declassified Putin’s plan for a nuclear explosion, details and frames a “new Chernobyl”.