The explosions took place at the filming of the famous television series: “wall of fire”, terrible video

Взрывы прогремели на съемках известного сериала: «стена из огня», страшное видео

Strong fire started in the dead of night, the fire almost destroyed the rarity of the vehicle

In the American city of Ellenville lit room in which there were 50 vintage cars, imported for the filming of the series.

The fire started at about midnight. The fire reached the car and practically destroyed them. Suffered greatly unique vintage Chevrolet, among which the Corvette and Camaros. During the fire explosions were heard, according to ABC7 News.

Взрывы прогремели на съемках известного сериала: «стена из огня», страшное видео

The reasons why the fire started is still unknown. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

It is reported that the car was brought in order to remove them in the mini-series of HBO “I know it’s true” akteram mark Ruffalo and Melissa Leo in the lead roles.

HBO will now have to postpone the shooting of the series.

The owner of the dealership, Levi Hecht, where the incident occurred, said he intends to rebuild antique cars.

As previously reported, in the river in the industrial zone on the territory of the enterprise there was a strong fire, a pillar of black smoke spreads across the city.

At about 15:10 on the 101 line was reported on fire at the intersection of travel Galchenko and Bogdana Khmelnitskogo. It turned out, the fire occurred at the plant of heavy hydraulic press Dnepropress.

According to preliminary information, the fire occurred in one of the buildings at the plant. At the moment all the details are being investigated.

In social networks and other local publications publish photos from the event. On them — a thick black cloud of smoke that poisons Dnipro.

Environmentalists like to remind you that during the combustion are released into the air is dangerous to human health dioxins. Therefore, Residents of the Dnieper, which live in the neighborhood with the company are asked not to leave needlessly on street, close the Windows, and after a final liquidation of a fire to wet cleaning.

Взрывы прогремели на съемках известного сериала: «стена из огня», страшное видео

We also wrote that in Saksahan region of Krivoy Rog city, a fire occurred in the mine area Artem-2. According to witnesses, burning conveyor belt at the mine in the street Bykov. A column of smoke rises to tens of meters.

In a press-service gschs reported that illuminates the conveyer belt to idle production.

According to sources edition, the enterprise belongs to the Central mining and processing plant.

We will remind that the fire has done harm in the Odessa region: there are victims, the details of the emergency.

As reported Politeka, a large fire broke out in Kyiv: “seen from the entire city,” the roads are blocked, footage of the incident.

Also Politeka wrote that a massive fire is raging in Kharkov: “a column of black smoke visible for tens of kilometers”, video.