The explosions at the Russian plant: “acted”, the main point of the incident was caught on video

Взрывы на российском заводе: "разнесло все", главный момент ЧП попал на видео

Appeared the details of the horrific explosions at Russian munitions factory

It is reported 360tv in his personal Telegram channel.

It is reported that as of yesterday evening for help to the doctors after a series of explosions at the plant “Crystal” in Dzerzhinsk turned 85 people.

Взрывы на российском заводе: "разнесло все", главный момент ЧП попал на видео

It is known that in-patient treatment is 16 people, including one patient in critical condition, close to the average, 15 — moderate severity. The health Ministry said that 69 patients were given outpatient treatment

In a press-service of the city administration noted that a series of monstrous explosions occurred in the shop of the polymers. CHP was so strong that the blast destroyed three warehouses and two manufacturing buildings.

“The blast destroyed five buildings (three warehouses and two production) (total) 800 square meters”, — stated in the message.

In addition, the Russian propagandists released a brand new video, which depicted the moment of explosion in a munitions factory “the Crystal”. It is known that the explosion occurred after the appearance of a huge mushroom in the sky.

Взрывы на российском заводе: "разнесло все", главный момент ЧП попал на видео

Recall that the plant in Dzerzhinsk (Russia) occurred three powerful explosions. This was reported by Russian media. It is known that the company, which was an emergency, engaged in the production of explosives for the army to plant them. Sverdlov “Crystal”

“Previously, exploded TNT,” — said operatives.

It was noted that the explosions were so strong that the shock wave killed the Windows in nearby residential buildings. Local authorities continue to argue that as a result of emergency at a military factory no casualties, but the number of victims continues to grow.

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As reported Politeka, Notre Dame Cathedral could be saved from the fire emerged a fatal mistake.

Politeka also wrote that the terrorist act happened right in the crowd of refugees.