The explosion occurred at a chemical plant: the road is littered with shrapnel, the sky turns red, the video PE

Взрыв прогремел на химзаводе: дорога усеяна осколками, небо стало красным, видео ЧП

Four people were injured by the explosion at the chemical plant in the state in Wakegan, Il

Steve Lenzi, the representative of the Waukegan fire Department, said officials tried to contact the Director of the plant, how many people worked at the factory of sunset Avenue when the explosion occurred late on Friday evening.

At the moment it is unknown what caused the explosion.

Взрыв прогремел на химзаводе: дорога усеяна осколками, небо стало красным, видео ЧП

“We have a fire and structural damage, indicating the explosion. The damage is very high,” said Lenzi at the scene..

Around 10 PM the Sheriff’s office the lake district has issued a warning via social networks, which reported that “aware of the very loud sound of the explosion and the shaking of the ground in the area of Garni. We are working to determine the cause”.

About 20 minutes later, the Sheriff’s office warned the public: “don’t go to the sunset district Avenue from green Bay to Delany, WAUKEGAN! Please allow the first reactive services to conduct operations!! Local rescuers are on the scene of the explosion / fire in the building.”

Living six blocks from the scene of a woman rasskazala what happened when she and her husband went to the intersection of Northwestern and Sunset.

According to her, the ambulance was rushing, where it was about 10:30 PM. The girl claims that the explosion occurred around 9:45 PM.

“We thought this place was gone. It was massive. I called friends from Antioch, Grayslake and Libertyville to see if I’m okay. It shook our house and literally shook my insides”.

According to information on the website of the company, Specialty Silicone factory is a production and distribution company specializing in silicone products.

The eyewitness, who lives near the plant said that the explosion did not break any Windows, but was quite loud.

“The explosion was big, and the ground shook. Our cable flickered, and the electricity came back on”, she said.

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