The explosion in France: it became known who brought the stuff to the bakery

Взрыв во Франции: стало известно, кто привез «посылку» к булочной

French police announced that they know who brought the deadly package to a bakery in Lyon

Friday, may 24 in the French city of Lyon on a pedestrian street Victor Hugo near the centre there was a powerful explosion.

The explosion injured about 10 people, including 8-year-old girl. Two people are in serious condition. They are hospitalized in the hospital. Now investigating the incident involved the anti-terrorist unit of the Paris Prosecutor’s office.

Взрыв во Франции: стало известно, кто привез «посылку» к булочной

Police became aware of who brought a parcel, stuffed with nails, screws and bolts to the bakery, where the explosion occurred.

Did the man of 30-35 years. He was on the bike, the parcel “dropped”, and then disappeared.

Now on the site of emergency work engineers. They survey the area for explosives.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that “this attack”. According to him, information about the victims yet. “At the moment there are wounded, my thoughts are with them and their families,” he said.

As previously reported, a powerful explosion shocked residents of Kiev late at night. It is noted that the incident occurred in the night of 4 April. The explosion was of such force that he heard the tenants of several houses in the neighborhood.

It is reported that today at night in the Parking lot near a supermarket “Auchan”, located at street Academician Williams, 5, blew up the car Chevrolet Epica. The explosion was so strong that people were in a panic because the strong sound woke residents of several houses in the neighborhood.

According to available information, the explosion badly damaged the man has torn off a hand.

Взрыв во Франции: стало известно, кто привез «посылку» к булочной

At the time of emergency in the Parking lot near a supermarket on the Towers were about 10 vehicles. After the explosion near the car witnesses observed the man’s body. He was urgently hospitalized in serious condition – the victim lost his hand.

Even after it became clear that he is not the owner of the car, but just for reasons unknown was near the vehicle at the time of detonation. Law enforcers are trying to figure out what the man was doing late at night near a foreign car.

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