The expert said, what threatens the world the return of Putin in the “Big eight”: “Wants”.

Эксперт рассказал, чем грозит всему миру возвращение Путина в "Большую восьмерку": "Хочет..."

The expert explained how Putin’s return to the “Big eight”

The President of the United States Donald trump makes statements about the return of Russia in the G8, not because he was a Russian agent. He tries to act in accordance with the rules of business in politics that are no longer working, reports 24tv.

His opinion was shared by the political expert Sergey Postolovsky.

Эксперт рассказал, чем грозит всему миру возвращение Путина в "Большую восьмерку": "Хочет..."

“Trump wants to go down in history as a politician who managed to settle the problem in Ukraine and Syria. To play on the fact that it is the latest peacekeeper the current international order. Because he sees the lack of any result on Syria and Ukraine”, — said the expert.

He also believes that trump is trying to make a step forward Putin that he said mutual pitch. But the head of the United States does not understand the main factor, if Russia is to return to the G8, Putin will position it as a victory over the civilized world, and the loss of the West. The return of Russia’s status as one of the strongest countries in the world will allow Vladimir Putin even more aggressive and to dictate terms to Syria and Ukraine.

“The statements of trump is played for the benefit of Russia. Regarding the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine including. Moscow has stated clearly that it will be only security the mission of OSCE observers. Why the OSCE security that does not perform safety functions, but only monitors? It will be another stillborn child”, – expressed his opinion Postolovsky.

Эксперт рассказал, чем грозит всему миру возвращение Путина в "Большую восьмерку": "Хочет..."

Also, the analyst does not exclude possibility of meeting Donald trump with Vladimir Putin in the summer or fall. The expert says that it all depends on the situation in the Donbass. But it is unlikely that Putin will go to large-scale hostilities.

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