The expert revealed the truth about the environment Zelensky: “We were down a gun”

Эксперт раскрыл правду об окружении Зеленского: «Нам сбили прицел»

The situation with the rating of President Vladimir Zelensky showed that there was a preservation of positions of power

This was in Politeka Online told the journalist Sergey Lyamets (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“There are people who gave 73%, and there are people who helped Zelensky to take that place, where he is now. We thought it was the same people. But really, it’s not. There are equal people and there are more equal. So, those who are less equal, believed that Zelensky will come, and the benefit it will receive from those 73%. It turned out that no. 73% didn’t have any yet. Has occurred saving approximately at the same level + cash registers,” he said.

At the same time “respectable” people, says Tevjashev already managed to get the pros.

“If we evaluate the news box, that’s a lot. Land contracts, construction contracts, have their people in power. The development of state enterprises, the balance of their people on the threads. Why we think this happened? That did not happen the transition flows from one hand to another. We were hit by a sight. That set the Verkhovna Rada, which supposedly is not in the business”, — he stressed.

The reason why this was not noticed by the Ukrainians, the journalist said, is “the change of packaging. So we start thinking that witnessed a profound shift of power.”

As previously reported, in Ukraine there is a constant alternation of anarchy and dictatorship. About it, said the journalist Sergey Lyamets.

According to him, anarchy is usually somehow connected with the representatives of the Western Ukraine, but the dictatorship – to the East of the country. These populations are carriers of different mentality and different paradigms.

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“If this theory is correct, then the next winning power, it will be from the Western Ukraine. It will speak the Ukrainian language, wearing a shirt and going to Church,” says Lyamets.

In fact, different mentalities only give you a taste of different politicians, but the bottom line is how Sorvali, and steal, the journalist said.

“In the last 7-8 years was born a third stratum of people who are in the alternative form of religion. Is a religion which professes anti-corruption policies, gender equality, politkorektnost grantorto and reform. A congregation of the Church of the reforms, “—said the Lyamets.

Эксперт раскрыл правду об окружении Зеленского: «Нам сбили прицел»

We will remind, Ukrainians need from Zelensky cancel EIT.

As reported Politeka have Zelensky stunned early elections: who prepare the exit.

Also Politeka wrote that the deal Zelensky with Putin disclosed that the President gave all.