The expert predicted a dire future for Russia: “it Will be completely ruined if…”

Эксперт предрек плачевное будущее для России: «Будет полностью разрушена, если...»

The world expects a new round of the cold war and a new arms race

Vladimir Putin submitted a bill on the suspension of the Treaty between the USSR and the USA on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF). However, the Treaty has long ceased to observe.

Countries with nuclear weapons, will now begin to develop and upgrade new types of weapons, I’m sure a military expert and chief editor of Defense Express Anton Mikhnenko, writes Columnist.

Эксперт предрек плачевное будущее для России: «Будет полностью разрушена, если...»

He primarily has in mind the US and Russia have enough nuclear weapons.

The expert is sure that both countries will enter a new arms race and begin to develop new high-tech weapons – hiperglucemia and electromagnetic.

Also according to Anton Mikhnenko, the country is unlikely to use a nuclear bomb. This is especially true of Ross. It expects a dire future: “Will be completely destroyed, if I decide to do it.” Our Northern neighbor immediately comprehend the enormous consequences – economic, political, diplomatic.

“In fact, there is a return to the cold war period, that is, when the country will be looking for certain arguments to accuse your opponent in those or other steps, actions, events. Now will happen a certain arms race. USA, Russia and other countries will be to create weapons for deterrence and attack. The escalation of tension”, – expressed his opinion of the military expert.

Moreover, he believes that Russia is unlikely to pull this is a serious “competition”. The economy just can not stand it and repeat the story of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to Mikhnenko, understand that the country will completely collapse and the catalyst will be a weak economy. And rather this, that understanding will come “not with this government.”

“The United States and China have a very strong economy, so tragically for them, the arms race is not affected. But if Russia collapses, it will be all bad, as the consequences will affect all the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation”, – said the expert.

As previously reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin has angered Russians with the next trick. This time Putin disgraced with congratulations to the Russian border. About this in his personal microblogging wrote ordinary propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

Эксперт предрек плачевное будущее для России: «Будет полностью разрушена, если...»

“We need to stop attempts of penetration into our territory of terrorists and smugglers, criminal groups, to identify and eliminate channels of drug trafficking and illegal migration. I’m sure you will honestly serve Russia”: Vladimir Putin congratulated border guards with the holiday,” reads the caption to the video.

Users reacted angrily to the publication and noted that Putin trampled on all the drug trafficking and prohibited goods in Russia is transported by diplomatic courier.

We will remind, Putin went on a new crime, this is not to hide details and footage of the incident.

As reported Politeka, Putin has disgraced the whole of Europe.

also Politeka wrote that Putin’s message had an emergency.