The exchange rate will surprise everyone: what is really happening with the national currency, the expert revealed the truth

Курс валют удивит всех: что на самом деле происходит с гривной, эксперт раскрыл правду

Givna began to fall in price — will have a tendency to the subsequent fall of the national currency and what will the situation on the market further?

This was told by a financial analyst Sergey Fursa, reports 24 channel.

“A significant weakening of the hryvnia will not, do not panic about stevanne, Ukraine controls the situation.” As you know, the official exchange rate as of 3 Oct is 24 UAH 86 cents, that is, the hryvnia fell again. However, substantial drop — not expected:

“To support the hryvnia, the NBU has spent 200 000 000 dollars to support the hryvnia. This is due to the fact that the supply of currency has decreased and the demand for it is on the contrary increased “.

In particular, the expert is assured:

“We have a stable, good situation in the economy. We have a stable balance of payments situation, therefore, a significant weakening of the hryvnia will not. What we expect by the end of the year? 27, 5 hryvnia per dollar. It still means that from the first of January until the first of January, the hryvnia strengthened. However, you may lose 10%. Even less, ” — said Sergey Fursa on the questions of the journalists about this.

Курс валют удивит всех: что на самом деле происходит с гривной, эксперт раскрыл правду

The hryvnia exchange rate by 2022 predicted in the framework of 28.5 UAH, predicted the credit rating Agency Standard & Poor’s. At the exchange rate of the currency from the NBU, the dollar and the Euro rose significantly — dollar by 31 kopecks and cost 24,86 UAH, and the Euro — by as much as 40 cents was worth 27, 16 UAH. is all as of 3 October.

Recall also, experts predicted the weakening of the hryvnia in September, namely to the end, then, convinced, they, month, national currency fell by about UAH.

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“In September we will begin a revitalization of business and the demand for the dollar as a settlement currency will increase. The forecast rate for the end of September — 26 UAH/$. And the entry into the October — to 26.5 UAH per dollar. But the devaluation will not happen, the rate will rise gradually,” — says economist Vasyl nevmerzhytskiy.

Курс валют удивит всех: что на самом деле происходит с гривной, эксперт раскрыл правду

Should be expected and inflation, say some experts – it reflected the devaluation of the national currency:

“This summer we saw an extremely rare phenomenon — deflation all three summer months. This only happens once every 8-10 years. This means that in September inflation, in any case, will start to unwind. It will be less than one percent. But it is enough to see that the raw products (traditional set, cereals) it will be the drivers and will start to go up,” predicted Alex Doroshenko, head of the Association of suppliers of retail chains.

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