The ex-President suffered hunting: details

Экс-президент пострадал на охоте: подробности

The former President failed to hunt for birds

Hunt was brought to the hospital bed of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States of America.

It is reported that 94-year-old former President went hunting for wild turkeys. And there broke her hip. Carter immediately hospitalized in one of hospitals of Georgia. He was later operated on.

Экс-президент пострадал на охоте: подробности

However, as the source said, Jimmy Carter not concerned about their health, and the hunting season for wild Turkey ends.

The end of the season this week, and, according to Carter, he still is not over the limit on shooting birds. “He hopes that the authorities of Georgia will allow it to use the unused limit in the next year”, — said in the presidential center.

Note that Carter was US President from 1977-1981.

As previously reported, the former President of the Soviet Union 88-year-old Mikhail Gorbachev was hospitalized hospital.

The former head of state was going to the premiere of the documentary “Meeting with Gorbachev” Werner Herzog and andré singer, who closed the 41-th Moscow international film festival.

“Gorbachev wanted to come to the screening of the film. But he is in hospital not feeling well. The doctors did not allow him to come,” — said the singer.

Earlier, the organizers of the festival announced that Gorbachev himself had to present the picture. The film consists of his interviews. The role of the interviewer was made by one of the Directors of the paintings by Werner Herzog.

Экс-президент пострадал на охоте: подробности

We will remind that on 15 March 1990 at the third extraordinary Congress of people’s deputies of the USSR Chairman of the Supreme Council Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was elected the first and only history of the Soviet Union President.

The rule of Gorbachev remembered by the citizens of the Soviet Union perestroika, withdrawal from Afghanistan, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the revolution, when he was on vacation at the Crimean dacha in foros.

Recall that the President during a speech climbed a huge cockroach: “It’s liberal”.

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